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How Portable Storage Containers Meet the Challenges of Today’s World

NPSA Dispatch, August 2020
Rod Bolls discusses how the storage industry is a great example of where adaptability shines in his article, "How Portable Storage Containers Meet the Challenges of Today's World".

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Storage Reimagined – Project Spotlight

American Builders Quarterly, April 2020
Boxwell had the opportunity to help a burgeoning self-storage facility facility maximize vacant space on its lot for an out of the box solution.

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Look Who’s Talking

Mini-Storage Messenger, April 2020
Rodney Bolls, founder of Boulder-based Boxwell, a company that supplies custom portable storage containers, has come to find that putting principles over profits can lead to unrivaled growth as well as gains.

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Why Portable Storage Containers are Changing the Landscape of the Storage Container Industry

360 Connect, February 2020
Portable storage containers are changing the landscape of the storage container industry. Historically, the "residential" and "commercial" storage industries have been considered separate industries for several reasons.

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Using Portable Self Storage Units to Maximize Profits

Radius+, December 2019
In an effort to increase revenue, self storage facilities are looking to utilize portable self storage units to increase their net rentable area by fitting out unutilized space.

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Rod Bolls Takes the High Road

American Builders Quarterly, November 2019
Whether he's sprinting up a mountain trail or navigating the ins and outs of the storage industry, Rod Bolls knows exactly what path he wants to take.

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