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Portable Units: Real Estate or Personal Property?

Colliers International, April 2019
Are portable units real estate or personal property? Whether they are small portable units or large shipping containers, many owners have maximized the income of their site with portable storage units.

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Maximizing Profits With Portable Self-Storage Units

Colliers International, September 2019
Maximizing profits with portable self-storage units. In an effort to increase revenue, self-storage facilities are looking to utilize portable self-storage units to increase their net rentable area by filling out unutilized space.

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The Convergence of Moving and Storage

Mobile Self-Storage Magazine, April 2012
The emergence of the portable storage and moving industry over the past 10 years has definitely increased the competitive levels among all three industries.

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Profits by Diversification: The Utility of Portable Storage Containers in the Self-Storage Industry

Self-Storage Canada, October 2011
The utility of portable storage containers in the self-storage industry. The self-storage industry continues to be one of the fastest growing segments of the commercial real estate industry in North America.

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Maximizing Space in Self-Storage Facilities

Mini-Storage Messenger, February 2011
The self-storage marketplace has grown increasingly intolerant of non-revenue producing space. Operators have two main strategies to generate revenue from this extra space.

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Two Industries Are Better Than One: The Convergence of Moving and Storage

Mobile Self-Storage Magazine, December 2011
The moving industry and the storage industry have long been considered quite different from one another. One business moves goods and the other stores goods.

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