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Roll-Up or Swing Doors? Which is Right for Your Business?

Boxwell portable containers and relocatable self-storage units are fully-customizable and designed, built, and purchased with a variety of specifications and features. One key option to choose from is which type [ Read More ]

Small, Medium, or Large: What Ratio is Right For Your Business?

Self-storage facilities and portable storage businesses need to have a variety of differently sized storage units to offer their customers. But how does one decide what ratio is best for [ Read More ]

Be Ready for Anything with Innovative Storage Solutions

While the current mindset is a practice in uncertainty, there are some industries who have a real opportunity to help. The storage industry, for example, is necessary for preparedness. Think [ Read More ]

5 Ways Custom Storage Solutions Can Make the Most of Your Space

While having “open space” at your site may be seen as a luxury, it can be frustrating when it goes underutilized. After all, space is extremely valuable! No need to [ Read More ]

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