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Relocatable Units, Any Way You Want Them

If you’re ready to increase revenue at your facility, check out Boxwell’s standard features, which include: ˜ Corrugated steel roof prevents water from pooling˜ Wall vents and anti-condensation spray on [ Read More ]

Renovating Your Outdated Self-Storage Facility

Self-storage can be a competitive field, and most facility owners are looking for ways to ensure their offerings are as modern and technologically advanced as possible. Doing so provides their [ Read More ]

Advancements in Storage Solutions and Delivery Methods

Boxwell is continually looking at ways to improve upon its relocatable self-storage units and portable storage containers. Based upon customer feedback and industry advancements, Boxwell units come standard with a [ Read More ]

5 Ways to Leverage Relocatable Units

Ready to increase revenue? Here are 5 ways to leverage relocatable units. Learn more about what relocatable units can do you you.

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