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Self-Storage Management: The Best of Both Worlds

Today, self-storage businesses are choosing a blend of remote technology and onsite expertise to help handle the day-to-day operations. Property management software can automate and streamline tasks for onsite managers. Read on for a guest blog from one of Boxwell’s partners, Copper Storage Management to see how a hybrid model of management can be the best of both worlds.

Property Management for Your Self-Storage Business

Whether you choose an on-site manager, automated software, or a combination of both, it is important to develop a streamlined process for smooth day-to-day operation. In Step 5 of our content series, we discuss your options for self-storage property management. We also dig into how your management style affects your facility’s security, billing, customer service, and maintenance.

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Movable Units and Remote Management

At Boxwell we have partners who specialize in software, communication, technology, delivery, financing, and consulting. Our partners bring their expertise, so we can focus on our movable units. Read on to see how one of our customers benefits from one of our partners.



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