Our Mission

is to build the future of storage, today!

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We work hard. Our team uses a hands-on approach to business. We are a group of problem solvers, always ready to roll up our sleeves, jump in, and figure things out. We stand by our product, no matter what. From the first phone call to the finished install and onto the next order, every step and detail along the way matters to us.

We innovate. When intrigued with something new, we give it a try. We explore technologies, materials, size options, features, and manufacturing locations. Anticipating what’s ahead is key to preparing for possible shifts. So, we ask, “What could be better?” And we make thoughtful, bold updates to our storage solutions.

We give back. Community connection is important to us. It is our company culture to support organizations that have big hearts and small pockets. We volunteer as a team and share our resources with non-profits, schools, sports programs, farms, and museums. We believe compassion and generosity are essential to the success of our business.

Our Values:

Be open minded.

Know the benefits of strong relationships.

Prioritize a healthy, balanced life.


To start things off, we look at your needs. Our design and development team creates renderings inclusive of materials, finishes, and branding options. Once approved, we manufacture your storage units using galvanized rust-proof steel, three layers of paint protection, and innovative designs to ensure long-term, revenue-generating units.

We work with vetted financial partners and delivery companies, many of whom are dedicated solely to the self-storage industry. Knowing the nuances of the industry, these partners can speed up the financial assistance and logistics of delivery. All along the way, Boxwell is your communication go-between, so you can relax while our team keeps tabs on the administrative details.

We produce our storage solutions at Boxwell-owned facilities. This allows us to offer a wide range of products with customization, quality control, and shortened lead times. Once your storage containers are delivered, a Boxwell representative will be on-site to guide the assembly team. You can simply focus on running your business.

Can't Build there?

Boxwell it

Near or Under


Grass, Gravel
and Dirt Areas


Parking Garages
and Vacant Retail

Narrow Alley
or Driveways

Parking Lots

Within Setbacks
or Easements

No Pre-existing

Where traditional buildings flop, we flourish.

Use Boxwell relocatable units to turn unused square feet into rentable space. Speak with a Boxwell represesentative today about your unique site conditions.



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