We are a team of strategists, developers, designers and communicators with a common goal of helping our clients grow. When building Boxwell, Rod Bolls set out to create a company that prioritizes a balance between working hard and playing hard. He aligned a strong business model with a strong team and a sustainable work environment. Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, Boxwell is a close-knit, light-hearted group who enjoys doing things as a team. In fact, having fun together is part of our secret to success.

Since 2015, the Boxwell team has grown into a group of talented and passionate people. We value our work, family, friends and local community. Each of us has unique skills and talents, and we work together to serve our customers and the community we call home. To achieve our ideal company culture, we nurture the relationships we have with our customers, partners, vendors, and local non-profit organizations.

At the core, Boxwell uses a hands-on approach to business that is carried throughout everything we do. When we need to talk, we pick up the phone. If there are questions, we demo our product. When intrigued with something new, we give it a try. With imagination, compassion, and perseverance, anything is possible. That’s our culture. 

Boxwell Founder & CEO Founder & CEO

Rodney Bolls - Founder, Owner, and CEO at Boxwell

Rod Bolls

CEO & Founder

As the founder and CEO of Boxwell, Rod Bolls is a forward-thinking executive with a 16-year track record in the storage industry. His keen understanding of market dynamics and ability to adapt to emerging trends have fueled the company’s growth and sustained success. Throughout his career, Rod has built a reputation as a charismatic leader committed to the success of his customers and the well-being of his team. Boxwell embodies transparency, integrity, and innovation under Rod's relentless drive and customer-centric approach. Beyond the office, Rod finds fulfillment in ultra-marathons, gravel and road cycling, fly fishing, and cherishing moments with his wife and two children.

Boxwell Sales Sales

Boxwell, Strategic Account Manager, Sales, Our Team

Lisa Maloney

Director of Strategic Accounts

Lisa has been helping business owners plan, design and build creative storage projects using Boxwell units for years. She especially enjoys meeting site owners in person and cementing long-term relationships. Lisa works and lives in the mountains of North Carolina with her husband, TR. Her proudest accomplishment is successfully launching her three children (now college graduates) into the world. In her spare time, Lisa enjoys cycling, hiking, yard work and her newest hobby–riding a motorcycle!

Laura Brooks - Strategic Account Manager at Boxwell

Laura Brooks

Strategic Account Manager

With a background in medical sales and an anything-is-possible attitude, Laura started working with Boxwell in 2017. She and her husband moved from Atlanta to Colorado in 2007 in search of outdoor adventures, and they haven’t looked back! She enjoys biking and hiking (for as long and as far as her son will allow), gardening, paddle boarding, camping, and taking care of their 2 dogs, 3 chickens and 1 duck.

Frank Pendleton - Strategic Account Manager at Boxwell

Frank Pendleton

Strategic Account Manager

Frank has worked in the transportation industry for over 20 years in both sales and operations. He joined the Boxwell team in 2020. Frank was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida and attended Florida State University. He lives in Leland, NC with his wife Teri and has six children. Frank spends his free time fishing, kayaking, camping, and hiking and loves to travel–he has been to six of the seven continents!

Boxwell, Our Team, Brian Borden, Strategic Account Manager, Sales Team

Brian Borden

Strategic Account Manager

Brian’s background spreads across the real estate, commercial/residential construction, and business development industries. He enjoys being part of a team that works closely towards achieving common goals and finds gratification in supporting his customer’s vision. Brian thrives when he’s on the water, playing guitar, doing yoga, and engaging in any type of physical activity. He is a social being but prefers most the company of his wife and two young boys, all of whom reside together in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

Boxwell Sales Assistants Sales Assistants

Boxwell, our team, sales assistant, john chavez

John Chavez

Sales & Operations Assistant

John joined the Boxwell team as our sales and operations assistant. His professional career includes various supporting roles in industries such as travel and tourism, business development and consulting, inventory, and logistics. He is a Colorado native and currently lives in Arvada. He has an adult daughter, a teenage son, and three dogs. For fun, John likes to read, spend time with his family, and take his dogs for walks on mountain trails.

Lesley Folan

Sales Assistant

Lesley joined the Boxwell team as a sales assistant, bringing years of account management and customer service experience. She has an attention to detail, positive attitude, and willingness to do what it takes to get things done. Lesley and her husband of 24 years have three terrific sons and love to entertain — often filling their home with family and friends for dinner. Lesley’s hobbies include interior design, home renovation, group fitness, and spending as much time outdoors as possible.

Boxwell Our Team Ellann Miranda

Ellann Miranda

Sales Assistant

Ellann joined the Boxwell team as sales assistant, bringing many years of experience in both sales and manufacturing. She loves working with customers and helping them grow their business. Born and raised in Lafayette, Indiana, Ellann is married and has two sons. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, spending time with her family, and watching her boys play soccer.

Boxwell Roadshow Roadshow

Michelle Pullo

Roadshow Director

Tammy Gnagy

Sales Associate

Skyler Jones

Installer & Roadshow Associate

Boxwell Operations Operations

Austin Krueger - Director of Operations at Boxwell

Austin Krueger

Director of Operations

Austin is an accomplished professional who is always looking toward the future and next steps. He loves working at Boxwell because of its integrity and family culture. Austin has an amazing fiancé named Megan, a son named Bentley, and a black lab named Blue. Native to Colorado, Austin spends time outdoors snowboarding, dirt biking, hiking, playing sports, and going to hockey games. When not outdoors, he enjoys time with his family building go carts, race cars and motorcycles.

Chris Bears

Operations Manager

Chris joined Boxwell with years of experience in operations and management in the oil and gas and restaurant industries. His down-to-earth demeanor and easy smile make Chris a great addition to our team. Outside of the office, Chris is an avid mountain/road biker and powerlifter. He loves cooking, working on DIY welding projects, and is always up to something wild with his children!

Brent Howard

Operations & Warranty Specialist

With 35 years of manufacturing, engineering, and sales experience, Brent joined Boxwell’s operation team. His friendly demeanor and strong work ethic make Brent a great addition to Boxwell. In his spare time, he enjoys golfing and spending time with his family and nine grandkids.

Jason Chadwick

Operations & Installation Specialist

Born and raised in beautiful Colorado, Jason joined the Boxwell team as an operations and installation specialist. He enjoys the hard work and traveling involved with his job. When not on the road, Jason loves writing and recording his own music and spending time with his family.

Boxwell Installers Installers

Colton Lambert


Mitchell Habetz


Michael Parks


Alexis Perez Rios


James Reed

Operations Manager

Boxwell Finance Finance

Jason Searfoss


Jason serves as CFO of Boxwell. He is a seasoned finance and operational leader with more than 20 years of experience in early-stage, high-growth, and large corporate environments domestically and internationally. Jason is a competitive ultramarathon runner, having completed single-stage races of up to 122 miles and self-supported adventure runs of up to 175 miles in distance. He and his family live in Boulder, Colorado.

Laura Andreatta


Laura is a financial controller and data scientist with extensive experience in corporate and academic environments across a variety of industries and geographies. At Boxwell, she leads accounting operations and financial reporting. Laura loves numbers and holds a BS and MS in Statistics from the University of Padova, her hometown in Italy. She also loves learning new languages, is passionate about traveling, and is always looking for new destinations to explore with her family.

Tanya Meyer - Controller at Boxwell

Tanya Meyer


Tanya moved to Boulder from NYC in the summer of 2017 and joined the Boxwell team shortly thereafter. She manages accounts receivable and payable as well as office administration. She finds great satisfaction working with the fun, hardworking group of people at Boxwell, where each person’s individual talents are celebrated. Outside the office, Tanya enjoys fly fishing, backpacking, ceramics, and will challenge anyone to a good backgammon game.

Jennifer Strothman

Senior Sales & Operations Analyst

Jennifer joined Boxwell’s finance team in 2020. She recently graduated from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado, Boulder, where she studied Business Management, Global Business, and Chinese Language. She is from Grand Junction and now lives in Denver, Colorado. Jennifer loves to travel and has been to more than 20 different countries and has lived in both Asia and South America.

Ryker Stark

Financial Analyst

Ryker joined the Boxwell team as a sales assistant and has quickly proven his capacity for growth. Still attending Univ. of Colorado’s Leeds School of Business, he is juggling his education with real-world experience. Ryker now works in Boxwell’s finance department as our billing coordinator. A Boulder native, Ryker enjoys skiing and traveling to scuba dive destinations, such as Hawaii, Costa Rica, and Mexico.

Boxwell Legal Legal

Erik Rebich

General Counsel

Erik serves as General Counsel for Boxwell. He has more than 25 years of experience as a corporate attorney. Erik provides a unique perspective on both legal and business challenges faced by fast-growing organizations. Erik enjoys a variety of outdoor activities including skiing, golf, and beach volleyball. He revels in spending time with his family and living vicariously through his four children as they take on the world.

Boxwell Marketing Marketing

Jessie Smith - Creative Director at Boxwell

Jessie Smith

Creative Director

Jessie is Boxwell’s creative backbone and brings years of experience in graphic design and branding. She works to communicate Boxwell’s mission and values to the greater industry through clever marketing and design. If Jessie lived near the ocean, she would scuba dive every week. In the summertime, you’ll find her tending to her veggie garden.

Karah Midgarden - Marketing and Design Specialist at Boxwell

Karah Midgarden

Marketing & Design Specialist

With a true passion for marketing and an eye for design, Karah joined Boxwell’s marketing team. She is a Fort Collins native and studied Marketing at CSU. She currently lives in Brighton, Colo. with her Great Dane and Chihuahua. She loves spending time with family and friends and enjoys painting in her free time.

Brenda Baker

Public Relations Coordinator

Brenda joined Boxwell in 2019 with a background in marketing and public relations. Her professional experience includes writing, editing, school administration, philanthropy, and graphic design. Brenda lives in Niwot, Colorado with her husband, three children, two horses, two dogs, and two cats. Her passions outside of work include swimming, hiking, painting, cooking, and beekeeping.

Boxwell Human Resources  Human Resources

Lisa Fortuna

Human Resources

With a quick smile and “let’s figure this out” attitude, Lisa joined the Boxwell team in 2021. She brings multi-tasking to a new level and somehow manages to stay organized. Nicknamed “Tuna” in the office, she loves her rescue dog, Bourbon, and will take a margarita from Verde (local taqueria) any day.

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