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  • Kelly Hodges, DHI Storage

    “I have mentioned this to Rod and Lisa about the Boxwell people treating customers like a family which makes you guys one of our favorite vendors of all time. Please don’t let that change. Not sure how Boxwell management has assembled such an awesome, kind, intelligent and assertive group of employees. That’s impressive and very helpful to us as customers!”

  • Bill Maxwell, Temp Storage

    “Well, it’s been 2 years now from the day I closed escrow on my industrial lot in AZ and bought our first units from Boxwell. What a great company! From the first inception of my turning a dirt lot to a storage facility Boxwell has been a great resource. I expressed the idea of using the boxes to create a fortress of containers with less than 50 feet of fencing and a gate and proof, Lisa had drawn up a plot plan laying out the whole thing. I took those drawings and the permit application down to the P&Z and 6 weeks later we were up and running. YOU CAN’T DO THAT WITH STANDARD CONSTRUCTION! They were a great asset in getting my business off the ground quickly. Their service after the sale has been outstanding. We cash flow over 10k a month and going back for out 3rd order.”

  • Chase D., CAPSULE

    One of the best investments we made was in Boxwell. Not only are we beyond satisfied with the quality of the containers, the service and partnership has been just as important. Boxwell creates value for our company in countless ways. Value, quality, communication, reliability, and positivity, are a few of the words I would use to describe, Rod, Lisa, and the Boxwell team.”

  • John Huffman, Buttermilk Pike Self Storage

    “I have bought many Boxwell containers over the last few years. I appreciate the quality and features but more importantly, I like that they offer multiple color options and configurations. The company is very responsive and the service I receive from Lisa Maloney is second to none.

  • Samantha Callow, Calloway Storage

    “We have now made a few orders with Boxwell. In terms of the containers themselves, they have shown to be durable, open easily and have a well designed roof to withhold the elements. I was particularly pleased that we could select the colours so easily and really cater the design to our company branding including the decals on the side. Boxwell even had a designer that could help with that process and send us sketches of how the containers would look with our colours and logo. The customer service and in particular the ordering process was efficient and very responsive. We had a hold up at the border for our first delivery due entirely to slow Canadian border control, and Boxwell was in touch everyday and did everything they could to speed up the process. This kind of attention to the order was important in particular for my first time going through an import such as this. Boxwell held our hand each step of the way including helping us negotiate a reasonable price for the assembly of the containers, strategies for training, and a business model moving forward. While we initially intended the containers to remain on our site permanently, however, we have already moved into portable storage off site through the encouragement of Boxwell. A great business decision!   I doubt we would have had that kind of time and attention with any other business. Boxwell was always quick to respond to my calls, concerns, had a genuine interest in our success as a business.”

  • Pam Snow, Armor Storage

    “We shopped for several months and visited other storage facilities that had storage containers. We knew the features we did and did not want and the price range we were comfortable with. Thankfully Boxwell found us through a cold call campaign. We were very impressed with their excellent business ethics and honesty. They always returned phone calls, emails and answered any and all questions promptly and completely. They offered shipping updates per our request and delivered as promised. I must say that we were also so impressed with the containers upon arrival, they were beyond our expectations and immediately ordered more. We would not hesitate to recommend Rod and his team and have even given tours to his potential customers. Please feel free to call one of us or stop by.”

  • Ray Chesher, Your Home Today Realty Inc.

    “We are very pleased with the service and quality of the storage containers supplied by Boxwell LLC. We intend to continue purchasing containers from Boxwell as we expand our portable business.

  • Wayne Frelund, 1st Avenue Storage

    “Working with Rod Bolls at Boxwell was a treat. He helped our team understand the portable market and after researching most of the other manufacturers, I believe we picked the best product for value and quality. His understanding of the product, his helpfulness in doing competitive research, and building the portables once they arrived was impeccable. It was a pleasure working with him and his team.”

  • Lanny George, Rocket Shell

    “I spent almost a year researching all the container manufacturers and finally decided the best option for Rocket Shell would be Rod and Boxwell. It turns out I was right, perfect customer service, great product and very easy to work with. Rocket Shell will only stock containers from Boxwell, period. Thank again, Rod!”

  • John L. Gurley, Security Mini Storage

    “I have been very pleased with the mobile storage units I have purchased from Boxwell. While the quality of the portable units is great, the people of Boxwell are even better. The service before, during, and after the sales process is fantastic. They genuinely care about their customers.

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