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With an extensively tailored approach, Boxwell works alongside clients to produce a concept that meets their exact needs. After consultation and quoting, the design and development process begins. The team will create renderings and share for approval and, when authorized, will commence manufacturing. Working with vetted financial partners and delivery companies, Boxwell makes certain that all logistics are set in stone prior to delivery and, within weeks, your customized storage containers are delivered and quickly assembled on site.

Consultation & Quote
Boxwell takes a consultative approach with every client allowing the design & engineering team to concept a product that meets your exact specifications. While standard sizes are available, custom sizes can be requested. Portable storage containers can also be branded to your colors and feature artwork that best represents your business. The Boxwell team prides itself on speedy responses and a clean quote process so you can get the storage you need, fast.


Design & Development
During this process, the design & engineering team is hard at work concepting the portable storage containers that will best suit your needs. Using the building methodology and materials that have proven the success of all previously-produced products, you’re guaranteed to get a container that delivers and continues to deliver.


Renderings & Approval
The ability to assess the finished product before it’s built is a significant advantage to Boxwell clients. Inclusive of materials, finishes and branding options, like color and artwork, each enterprise has the ability to adjust the finished product to suit their unique needs.


Approved renderings are processed and materials are prepared. Galvanized rust-proof steel, three layers of paint protection and innovative designs in theft protection ensure long-term reliable revenue-generating space. Materials, which are provided by the largest manufacturers of ocean containers in the world, are lab tested for quality compliance.


Boxwell works with vetted financial partners and delivery companies, many of which are dedicated solely to the self-storage industry. Knowing the nuances of the industry, these partners will expedite the process of financial assistance and the logistics of delivery so you can receive your containers and start generating revenue faster. All along the way, Boxwell is a communication go-between, allowing you to relax while our team keeps tabs on the administrative details.


Within weeks, your storage containers are delivered. A Boxwell representative will be onsite to guide the assembly team in creating the structures and relocating them to their new home.

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