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Boxwell’s movable, flexible storage solutions can help you increase your revenue-generating space with ease. Boxwell’s units are stackable up to 3-high and, because they arrive disassembled, fit perfectly in most smaller spaces. With unmatched value and uncompromising quality, Boxwell is the leading choice for storage containers in the marketplace, offering both relocatable self-storage units and portable storage containers.

Delivery Systems

Boxwell works with each client to ensure they have the most convenient and cost-effective delivery team. We also offer the following storage delivery systems to make assembly and relocation simple.

• Cardinal Trailer & Mule
• Portable Storage Delivery System by Portable Transport Sales
• Horizontal Lift by Horizontal Lift Company
• Hand Crank Dolly
• Rollback Truck with Winch
• Tilt back Trailer with Winch
• Level Lift System with Chassis

Unmatched in Quality & Convenience

  • Expertly Crafted
    Materials used in the construction of Boxwell containers have been laboratory tested for long-term durability. With the highest grade steel available, world class painting process and “ISO” style corrugated roofs, Boxwell storage containers are both long-lasting and good-looking.

  • Convenient
    The addition of Boxwell containers gives you the opportunity to quickly multiply the space at your place of business and, in turn, increase revenue. Boxwell’s storage containers can be placed on any level surface. Units can even be stacked up to three containers high, fully loaded.

  • Cutting Edge
    Boxwell is the industry leader in mobile storage solutions because of its innovative approach to design. Just as any digital technology advances with each user, so too does Boxwell advance with each client. Each container is engineered with the client’s goals in mind, inspiring new designs, testing and discoveries.

  • Competitively Priced
    While quality is Boxwell’s utmost priority, its executive team is committed to offering affordable solutions for clients. The team operates with an “under promise and over deliver” mentality, leaving clients no hesitation in repeat business.

  • Fully Customizable
    Boxwell has engineered the highest quality container on the market with premium durability, construction, features and custom options. Our design team works closely with each customer to decide upon all aspects of container aesthetics, such as expertly handpicking color schemes and logo decals.

  • Assembled On Site
    Boxwell is committed to white glove service at every turn. Days before units are delivered, the team verifies that the correct equipment is reserved for unloading, unpacking and assembly, including a spare set of parts for each container. A Boxwell representative is present on-site during assembly to oversee the process and help during unloading and building. Our units assemble in approximately 20-30 minutes.

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