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Feasibility And Relocatables: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Maximizing Revenue with Relocatable Units
The most recent manufacturers of portable units today have improved the design and aesthetic with considerable upgrades from ocean containers and have created a unit that is remarkably similar to traditional storage in appearance and functionality with a significantly lower cost.

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Box Up The Benefits

Mini-Storage Messenger, April 2021
Exploring how mobile and portable storage can be a profitable addition or stand-alone business model in today's storage industry. See how Boxwell recognizes the need to continually evolve the storage industry and the public's perception of mobile storage.

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The Value of a Versatile Delivery System

NPSA Dispatch, December 2020
Portable storage operators have options when it comes to delivery. Transporting storage units -- whether they are ocean containers or portable storage and moving containers, is not as complicated as you might expect.

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Running 100 Miles Is A Lot Like Starting A Business

Mini-Storage Messenger, November 2020
In sports and in business, the hardest part about taking on something that's unimaginable is just getting started. But, turning a notion into an action can be as simple as taking the first step.

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Puzzling Out Space For Profit

Mini-Storage Messenger, November 2020
Each self-storage facility has its own unique story. It may have started out as an empty parking area, an abandoned mall, a wide-open parcel of land, or a city lot. Or maybe it was already a storage facility that needed to be expanded.

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Alum’s Gift of Portable Storage Provides Welcome Relief

Linfield TopCat, November 2020
As the Linfield Athletics program has expanded to serve a greater number of students-athletes in recent years, the need for proper storage to house an increasing inventory of tools and equipment has grown along with it.

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