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Returning to a Positive Experience

NPSA Dispatch, August 2022
We are living in an immediate culture with a low tolerance for anything less than perfection. And in today's market, that's going to be hard to deliver. So how do you keep your customers and your employees happy?

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Focus on Your Strongest Asset: Customer Retention

NPSA Dispatch, May 2022
You may have an amazing product, but how strong is your business? One way to find out is to consider where you put your values. Your employees and the people you serve should be at the top.

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Rising Above with Authenticity

NPSA Dispatch, November 2021
From supply chain woes and freight rate hikes to congestion at the ports and employee burnout, the storage industry has endured a lot over the past year. So how do we overcome the unexpected challenges we’ve faced?

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Why Customer Service & Community Connections Matter

NPSA Dispatch, August 2021
Caring for your customers and your local community is beneficial for every business. At its core, quality customer service is about making sure others feel valued, treated fairly, and appreciated by your business.

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Feasibility and Relocatables: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Maximizing Revenue with Relocatable Units - A Step-By-Step Guide, June 2021
Recent manufacturers of portable units have improved the design and aesthetic with considerable upgrades and significantly lower cost from traditional storage.

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Box Up the Benefits

Mini-Storage Messenger, April 2021
Exploring how mobile and portable storage can be a profitable addition or stand-alone business model in today's storage industry. See how Boxwell recognizes the need to continually evolve the storage industry and the public's perception of mobile storage.

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