Feasibility and Relocatables: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Maximizing Revenue with Relocatable Units – A Step-By-Step Guide, June 2021
Recent manufacturers of portable units have improved the design and aesthetic with considerable upgrades and significantly lower cost from traditional storage.

Box Up the Benefits

Mini-Storage Messenger, April 2021
Exploring how mobile and portable storage can be a profitable addition or stand-alone business model in today’s storage industry. See how Boxwell recognizes the need to continually evolve the storage industry and the public’s perception of mobile storage.

The Value of a Versatile Delivery System

NPSA Dispatch, December 2020
Portable storage operators have options when it comes to delivery. Transporting storage units — whether they are ocean containers or portable storage and moving containers, is not as complicated as you might expect.

Running 100 Miles Is A Lot Like Starting A Business

Mini-Storage Messenger, November 2020
In sports and in business, the hardest part about taking on something that’s unimaginable is just getting started. But, turning a notion into an action can be as simple as taking the first step.



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