Beyond Cleaning: A Maintenance Schedule for Movable Storage

How can you establish a maintenance schedule for movable storage? We’ve simplified it for you. Think: Once a month and every year.
It’s important to take care of ourselves. Eat healthy, take a walk, get a massage, read a book, call a friend, unplug our devices, and get enough sleep. These small gestures can add up to make a positive impact. But we’re all busy. So how can we fit self-care into our lives? It’s easy if you set up a routine (a maintenance schedule) and stick to it. 
You can apply the same advice to other areas of your life. What would your home or business look like after letting things go for a month? What about a year? Minimal maintenance (think: once a month and every year) may be all it takes. Create a checklist for yourself with small items. And if you make the list manageable, you can get it done. If you are an owner or operator of a self-storage facility, for example, be sure you have a game plan to care for your investment. Follow a maintenance schedule for movable storage.
Boxwell containers are designed from the ground up. We build our movable storage containers with durability in mind. But even the best storage units will encounter dirt, grime, and other pollutants over time. The first thing a potential customer will see is the outside of these units. Movable storage units are resistant to weather, rodents, and sun. Over the course of several years, damage may still occur. Looking presentable is crucial for your facility. Plus, you’ll generate a positive customer experience with a well-maintained facility. 
How can you establish a maintenance schedule for movable storage? We’ve broken it down into two lists: monthly maintenance and annual maintenance.


1. Clear the roof

Remove snow and ice from the roof. Over time, the weight of water, ice, and snow can put undue stress on containers’ roofs. This can lead to thinning metal, rust, and even dents and scratches. If your containers have experienced some inclement weather, try to clean off the tops as soon as possible.

2. Clean the units

Clean visible dirt and surface rust. Cleaning off any apparent grime every month will greatly increase your containers’ lifespan (not to mention make them look more professional and appealing to customers!). To clean your movable storage units, use an anti-mildew solution, mild bleach, a hose, and a broom to clean off any dirt and surface rust. 

3. Sweep the floors

3. Sweep the container’s floors. Check with your manufacturer to see if the floors treated and sealed (Boxwell’s are!). Broom sweep out any rock, sand, or other debris that has accumulated to prevent gouges and scratches.

4. Maintain the doors

Clean and maintain your containers’ doors. Use a mild soap with water to gently wash and rinse the doors. Ensure that your containers’ doors open, close, and latch. If your roll-up doors are not operating, you can apply lubricant. It’s also a good idea to replace roll-up doors as needed. And if you have swing doors, check to make sure they are still sealed from inclement weather. Don’t forget to inspect all latches and locks. 

5. Be aware of weight load

Avoid putting too much weight on containers. Boxwell containers can hold 10,000 lbs. And you can stack them 3-high when filled! But it’s still possible to cause structural damage by going overboard. Flat-packed or otherwise unassembled containers have limits. When transporting, only stack them 5-high with brackets.
Boxwell provides customers with the highest-quality movable storage units on the market.  We also offer warranties on the units, paint, and decals. Despite that, you can still take some measures to maintain your movable storage units. With proper care and attention, you can keep your containers looking brand-new for years and years to come. Beyond your monthly maintenance schedule for movable storage, we recommend the following five steps for annual care.


1. Examine the surface

Examine the roof for scratches, dents, and debris. Damaged paint and other surface blemishes can lead to rusting on the container. To prevent this, touch up any damaged areas with fresh paint.

2. Inspect the seals

Inspect and replace weather stripping and caulking. Moisture can enter containers if they are not sealed properly – potentially damaging their contents. Always double check your containers’ silicone caulk and weather stripping to ensure that they are completely sealed.

3. Check the bolts

Check and tighten roof and corner bolts. As portable containers are used and transported, their fasteners may rattle and vibrate. Over time, this may cause them to loosen. At least once a year, be sure to check your storage containers’ bolts, washers, lock washers, and nuts to ensure they remain properly impacted.

4. Look at the plugs

Look for missing rubber plugs. Are your storage containers missing any rubber plugs on the base or roof? These plugs help prevent rust. Missing plugs can also look unseemly. If you need more, don’t hesitate to contact Boxwell for replacements – we will send some out to you right away!

5. Inspect the decals

Inspect your decals. Double-check to make sure that your decals are still in place and legible. Don’t forget to inspect smaller signage, as well (like the “Door Lock Here” and “Emergency Pull” stickers). If you find any issues, just contact Boxwell and we’ll address it for you.

We’re in the in-between feeling of the seasons when it’s not yet warm but not still freezing. The best thing to do during this time of year is get prepared for what’s next. Spring cleaning and maintenance is around the corner. So, what can storage facilities do to maintain their movable storage units? If you’re like me, you enjoy checking off lists. Put together your own “Top To-Do’s” for your storage facility. Break your list into two sections: monthly and annual maintenance. And tackle your to-do’s one by one. 

Since 2015, Boxwell has been designing, manufacturing, and distributing customizable storage solutions for businesses around the world. Headquartered in Boulder, Colo., Boxwell’s mission is to build the future of storage, today. We aim to achieve this by persistently looking for ways to develop more durable storage, installed in a fraction of the time compared to other options. Therefore, we’re continually exploring new technologies, services, and features to support our clients and elevate the industry standard. We know you’ll appreciate our hidden features and benefits.
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