Getting Inventive at Your Facility with Storage Solutions

Storage solutions can help you increase revenue in ways previously unimaginable. Whatever the size of your storage operation, it’s time start getting inventive at your facility.

No matter the industry, companies are getting inventive. Businesses are reinventing themselves and their products. In order to stay relevant, we all need to keep up with the times. And it may be time to change how we do things. The demand for storage continues to increase. And the need for innovations continues. Even without a pandemic pushing a shift, consumers are changing how they decide upon a brand.  So, businesses must prepare how they will react. Above all, we should be asking, “What is next?”
Getting inventive in business can look many different ways. For instance, it can be simply trying out a four-day work week. It can be reevaluating what’s bringing in your company’s revenue. Maybe the money-makers of the past have changed! Or possibly it’s how you’re marketing your product. Innovation doesn’t necessarily have to involve a new product or process. It can be a new frame of mind. So it’s a good idea to be adaptable and ready for change.

Of course, getting inventive is not always easy. Are you willing to take risks and learn from your mistakes? Experimentation is a crucial factor in innovation. Thank about it. When people or companies experiment, they are running a risk of failure. But, without trying something different, they’ll never create a better way!
Storage solutions can help you increase revenue in ways before unimaginable. I know, maybe not everything revolves around storage. But we are in the business. So, I always like to point out how how we can apply new ideas to our industry. Whatever the size of your storage operation, it’s time start getting inventive at your facility. Self-storage facilities can capitalize on unused spaces with moveable storage units. Now, that’s where getting inventive comes in!
Here are a few reasons to start getting inventive at your facility. And how relocatable units can help you grow your storage business.

1. Use moveable units along a fence line or in place of a fence line

Whether you purchased an existing storage facility or you’re starting from the ground up, fencing usually a consideration. If there is a fence around your property, chances are you can’t build a permanent structure on the space in front of the fence. That land is valuable! What you can do is place moveable, relocatable units along the fence line. In other words, they can fit where a permanent structure cannot.
Did you know that relocatable units can also be used instead of perimeter fencing? The units fit snugly next to each other and can offer a barrier from neighboring properties. It’s a clean look that saves you on pricey fencing. Either way, relocatable units are an optimal use of space! Above all, it’s great to be able to consider your property in a new way. Getting inventive!
Boxwell - Blog - Getting Inventive - Along Fenceline

2. Place relocatable units upon any surface

Facility owners and operators should consider their entire property as revenue generating. You can place relocatable units anywhere on your facility. And this is with little-to-no site preparation. Unlike permanent brick-and-mortar structures, relocatable units are flexible. They do not need foundation. You can place them on grass, gravel, dirt, and other uneven surfaces. In other words, anywhere.
These moveable units have fork pockets for easy repositioning at a self-storage facility. Plus, moveable units come in kit form with minimal equipment required to build. Two or three people, a forklift, and standard tools are all it takes to assemble each on-site, moveable storage solution. As a result, you have simplified your business.
Boxwell - Blog - Getting Inventive - Any Surface

3. Avoid regulations and get a tax break with relocatable units

Your facility will achieve added simplicity and added revenue with relocatable units. These units are completely different from stick-built structures. Relocatable storage units are portable and moveable. Therefore, they can be classified as equipment instead of as a building or permanent structure. Your business will get a tax break with Section 179.
Construction with permanent structures is anything but simple. You have to consider zoning regulations, setbacks, easements and other various restrictions. This makes it hard to build on certain sections of your property. In addition, you’ll have foundation and construction costs. And wasted space. 
Over the past couple of years, we have seen how businesses can enjoy getting inventive. Moving away from the status quo and considering ways to improve your own facility is always key. The storage industry continues to be profitable and adaptable. And growing your business now makes sense. Doing so with flexible, moveable storage solutions is an easy, fast, and cost-effective solution.

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