How Storage Can Clear the Path to a Better Year

A new year can bring about change – if that’s what you’re looking for. Setting a resolution as the new calendar year begins can be daunting enough. Add in the events of 2020, and it feels like the universe may need a reset button.
A new year can bring about change – if that’s what you’re looking for. Setting a resolution as the new calendar year begins can be daunting enough. Add in the events of 2020, and it feels like the universe may need a reset button. Really, all we may need is for things to feel right again. Sometimes making small changes can be a good way to bring big results. This year, I intend to focus on what really matters. Maybe it’s because my family’s nightly binge watching has started to include the hoarding show, but I am feeling a strong need to declutter – not only my mind, but also my home. Here are some ideas from Boxwell for how a portable storage container or relocatable self-storage unit can help with your resolution for more space.

Remove the Clutter with Relocatable Storage

We all know how good it feels to get rid of unnecessary items in the house. In my case, it’s artwork, books, coats and kitchen appliances that seem to pile up. With a family of five (3 of whom are growing pre-teen/teens), it’s a wonder that we have any room to move around the house at all. Sometimes I consider just giving everything away without telling anyone. But then what? I’m not very sentimental about material things, but I do like to think that one day we will enjoy looking through kindergarten artwork, tiny fleece hats and children’s books that we’ve read a gazillion times. Maybe we could even pass them onto grandchildren. But for today, there is no room for it — and our outdoor shed (if you can call an unstable, rotting structure a shed) is full.  What we need is an extra storage solution, and luckily we have choices.

Know Your Storage Options

In order to start removing clutter, it’s important to remember that not everything has to be kept. I don’t think the point of tidying up is to just relocate things. Some of the items can be passed along to friends/family or charity, and some may be tossed. Other items that have accumulated over time may be useful for yourself (or grandchildren) someday. Those things can be stored to free up personal space. With a secure and weather-proof storage unit, these items will be ready when you need them. Once the tidying up has begun, there are a few ways to go about using a storage unit. A portable storage container, for example, can be brought to your driveway for you to fill up as you’re ready. From there, it can be picked up and brought to a secure, off-site location. That’s super convenient! Alternatively, you could rent a drive-up storage unit at a self-storage facility. You bring your items to location, fill into the unit and lock – easy peasy. In either case, be sure to look for a storage solution that is solid, weather and rodent-proof, easily accessible to you, and definitely secure.

What to Do with All the Space?

It’s common to feel the need to fill up a recently created void with new items. First, relish in the calming serenity of the open space that surrounds you. Maybe leave it for a while! Eventually, you’ll want to consider what else could to be doing in this newly wide-open room. De-cluttering your home can not only help with anxiety and sleep, it can also clear the way for more positive outlets. There are so many options! Meditating? Floor pillows and candles can do the trick. Working out? There might be room for a stationary bike or yoga mat in an exercise corner. Getting creative? Now there’s a space for painting or sewing. Plus, with most of us still working from home into the new year, having a tidy space is key for work performance. A storage unit, even a small one, can relieve some of the clutter in your home (and mind) and help make 2021 a great year! 

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