Boxwell Introduces Roll Up Doors to Product Line

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Boxwell, a Pioneer in Portable and Relocatable Self-Storage Solutions, Introduces Innovative Roll Up Doors to its Product Line

Boulder, CO – Boxwell, a renowned manufacturer of portable storage solutions, is reshaping the storage sector with the introduction of its advanced roll up door system. In response to the growing demand for adaptable storage door solutions, Boxwell has expanded its manufacturing capabilities to include roll up doors. Now, storage facilities can conveniently order new roll-up doors alongside their Boxwell relocatable self-storage units, streamlining the process and ensuring a seamless delivery experience. Additionally, businesses seeking flexible door solutions for their traditional facilities or hallway systems can easily integrate Boxwell roll-up doors to meet their specific needs.

Boxwell’s roll-up doors are meticulously crafted using the highest quality materials and are fully customizable to meet individual requirements. Available in a variety of sizes, colors, and latches, these doors are compatible with today’s smart entry and locking systems, providing customers with peace of mind regarding the safety and accessibility of their stored items.

Rod Bolls, CEO of Boxwell, expressed excitement about this development, stating, “Boxwell’s door design meets the highest standards of quality and safety. We stand behind our products, services, and clients. Eliminating our reliance on third-party door vendors allows us to extend that commitment even further.”

Recognizing the unique preferences of each customer, Boxwell offers extensive customization options, allowing businesses to tailor their storage solutions to their specific sizing and branding requirements. Furthermore, Boxwell’s roll-up doors are backed by the company’s renowned responsiveness, service, and warranties, making them an ideal investment for storage facilities seeking practicality, durability, and dedicated support.

One of the key features of Boxwell’s roll-up doors is their space efficiency, conserving space in various applications, including confined urban spaces and large industrial locations. Plus, these doors are ADA compliant, providing ample space for wheelchair access.

In addition to their roll up doors, Boxwell offers a comprehensive range of mobile storage solutions, including portable and relocatable self-storage units. As with all Boxwell products, each of their storage units is thoughtfully made to order, durable, movable, and easy to assemble.

About Boxwell:

Boxwell is the leading manufacturer of portable and relocatable self-storage units for businesses worldwide, providing self-storage units in the USA, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Boxwell’s storage solutions are fully customizable, durable, and movable. They are easy to assemble and install with no foundation or significant site preparation necessary. Work with the Boxwell team to choose colors, logo placement, sizes, features, and layout for one’s site. In no time, their Boxwell storage units will be shipped flat-packed and assembled quickly with just a few dozen nuts, bolts, and basic tools. Boxwell believes that anything is possible and works for the success of their customers. Check out or call (303) 317-5850. 

Boxwell, a Pioneer in Portable and Relocatable Self-Storage Solutions, Introduces Innovative Roll Up Doors to its Product Line

Boxwell is a leading manufacturer of portable and relocatable self-storage units and roll up doors for storage businesses worldwide. What sets Boxwell apart is their commitment to delivering fully customizable, exceptionally durable, and effortlessly movable storage solutions that meet the unique demands of every client.

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