Renovating Your Outdated Self-Storage Facility

Self-storage can be a competitive field, and most facility owners are looking for ways to ensure their offerings are as modern and technologically advanced as possible. Doing so provides their customers with superior services and, yes, it can allow owners to charge higher rental rates. Thinking about upgrading your facility?

Read on for some insights from the experts at Boxwell!

Choose the Right Unit Configuration

Renovations provide the perfect opportunity to mix up the different types and sizes of units you offer. The configuration you choose can be based upon the needs of your customer base to whatever suits your property best. For example, if your clients frequently store temperature-sensitive items, you can add more climate-controlled storage to your property. If you have tenants storing many smaller items, you could consider adding smaller units. If you have underutilized space, you could consider adding portable storage units that provide your space with more flexibility and versatility.

Upgrade Your Doors

This can range from straightforward replacements to serious technological upgrades. Old, rusty, or otherwise dilapidated doors can project a bad image for your facility. On top of that, they may even pose a safety risk! Opting for a fresh aesthetic upgrade, such as color-matched, rollup doors is an easy way to give your facility a major facelift. Past that, you can utilize the latest technology to integrate door operation with mobile apps and your security systems, giving you and your customers enhanced security and a wider range of functionality.

Don’t Forget Cost Segregation & Insurance Discounts

Upgrading your facility is already a worthwhile investment. With cost segregation, however, you can find additional deductions through your renovations by writing off the value of disposed components. You may find that you also qualify for some serious insurance discounts as your renovations provide a more secure and safe facility – contact your insurer to learn more.

Renovating your storage facility is always a worthwhile investment.

When you take into account possibilities for increased ROI, new opportunities for marketing or reaching lucrative audiences, and the tax and insurance benefits, it’s a no-brainer.

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