Features to Look for in Portable Storage Containers

Whatever you need a portable storage solution for — equipment, excess inventory, supplies, or even office space, you will need a solution that can accommodate your unique situation. Boxwell has designed portable storage containers with these needs in mind. Read on to learn about the essential features you should look for in an ideal portable storage solution!


No two businesses are alike. You need portable storage containers that work for you, your teams, and your clients. Sometimes, you might be looking for containers with unique size requirements. You likely also want to ensure they feature your company’s branding.  If you need custom sizing, business branding with 3M vinyl decals, or other personalized features, talk to a Boxwell representative today. 

Easily Assembled

Portable storage containers need to be just that — portable! Being able to easily break them down and re-assemble them is essential to their convenience and usefulness. We’ve designed our containers to be assembled in under 20 minutes. This frees up more time for you and your team to get back to important matters.

Easily Transportable

Another essential aspect of a portable storage container’s portability is ease of loading and unloading. Our portable storage containers were created with transport in mind and are primed for truck bed loading, allowing you to get your storage containers exactly where you need them to be — right on schedule.


Boxwell’s storage containers are specifically designed to keep their contents safe and secure from the elements, giving you peace of mind. Rest assured that your equipment, inventory, supplies, and anything else you store in our containers is protected from outside factors. Each unit is dust, rodent, and bug proof with vents to increase airflow and anti-condensation coating on the inside of the roof to prevent condensation, mold and mildew.


When you’re looking for a portable storage solution, you’ll want to find one that uses the highest grade steel available with thick wall panels and galvanized paint. That way, your containers will look professional while being able to endure the elements and busy job sites or work environments.

Engineered for Heavy Loads

Last but not least, your portable storage containers need to be able to withstand heavy loads on both the roof and base. You can be confident that our containers can endure heavy loads for long periods of time. Strong engineering means that you can rely on your storage containers to do what you need them to do without breaking down or worse – damaging their contents!

We have worked hard to make our portable storage containers the perfect solution for you and your company. To learn more about Boxwell and our moving and storage containers and services, call  (303) 416-6280 or contact us online today!

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