Can You Run Your Self-Storage Facility Remotely?

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many business owners and managers to radically re-evaluate their processes. To properly address safety concerns and mitigate risk, companies have introduced practices like curbside pickup, touchless delivery, and other methods effective for reducing contact. If you own or manage a self-storage facility, you have likely wrestled with these issues yourself. The industry pros at Boxwell have compiled a short list of solid tips on running a self-storage facility remotely below!

Create Secure Online Systems

One of our most highly recommended tips for self-storage facilities (in or out of a pandemic) is to create a secure online system for customers. This system would ideally allow them to quickly reserve and pay for their self-storage units without requiring any input or management from an employee. It also makes it easy for customers to easily view online rates and inventory or chat online with a representative for instant customer support. User-friendly online systems not only minimize contact – they provide unmatched convenience.

Establish On-Site Security

“Unmanned” storage facilities aren’t anything new. With RFID card readers and closed-circuit camera systems, your self-storage facility can be just as secure as if there were a security guard present. Keycards (or even special codes) allow customers access to their belongings whenever is most convenient for them – another selling point. At the same time, cameras and other remote security systems – like remote gate-control software – ensure that their belongings are secure 24/7. 

Contactless Customer Support

For many self-storage customer concerns, a call center is more than adequate. Utilizing a call center service enables customers to talk to a real person that can promptly address any support requests. When a voice on the phone isn’t quite sufficient, though, any in-person employees should be thoroughly trained in pandemic safety measures. This includes wearing a mask, frequently using hand sanitizer, social distancing, and any other measure that can be taken to protect the health of your staff and customers.

We hope these tips give you a jump start on running your self-storage facility remotely. Leveraging digital solutions to mitigate health risks can not only help your employees and customers stay safe and healthy – it can also drive down costs and improve your profitability. To learn more about Boxwell and our moving and storage containers and services, call (303) 317-5850 or contact us online today!

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