5 Ways to Leverage Relocatable Units

Ready to increase revenue? Here are 5 ways to leverage relocatable units. Learn more about what relocatable units can do you you.

Relocatable units can be placed where traditional buildings can not.

Where brick-and-mortar buildings flop, we flourish. Place relocatable units in areas that aren’t otherwise able to be built upon, thus maximizing rentable square footage.

  • Near or under power lines
  • Along setbacks or easements
  • On grass, gravel, dirt, etc.
  • In narrow alley or driveways
  • Along fencelines
  • In underutilized parking lots
  • Lots with no infrastructure
  • On uneven surfaces

Take advantage of the Section 179 tax benefits that come with relocatable units.

Did you know? Because these units are not anchored to the ground, they qualify as “business equipment” and can be a valuable write off for your facility when filing taxes.

Don’t want to over-commit up front? Start small and order more units as needed.

Boxwell’s minimum order quantity is 12 units. This allows you to gauge demand and continue reordering as your facility approaches capacity.

Manage cash flow – financing options are available.

Boxwell has the best finance partners in the industry. We will facilitate your relationship with these partners so you can feel confident with your purchase.

Start generating revenue faster. Our custom units will be delivered in just 10-12 weeks.

Work with a Boxwell representative to decide your ideal unit mix, custom colors, door configurations and more. Once the order is placed, your relocatable units will be delivered, installed, and ready to rent in 3 months or less.

Learn more about what relocatable units can do for you.
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