Increase Profitability by Using the Dead Zones at Your Facility

Chances are, you have areas on your property where you can’t build traditional storage structures. Don't miss out on potential income in these dead zones!
If you want to increase profitability, look around your self-storage facility and ask yourself, “How much unproductive land do I own?”
Chances are, you have areas on your property where you can’t build traditional storage structures. And so, you’re missing out on potential income. We get it. There are many factors can halt your expansion plans. For example, high costs, building restrictions, and tight footprints can stand in your way. But there are some creative ways to increase the profitability at your facility. It’s actually quite easy to add storage to these unbuildable zones. Enter relocatable self-storage units.
Filling up the dead zones on your property is simple with relocatable units. We believe that they are the ideal storage solution. Here’s why. They are flexible, dynamic, and easily moved with a forklift. What’s more, relocatables are classified as equipment, meaning they work where traditional structures won’t.  And there’s a tax deduction (see Section 179). Plus, adding relocatable units is much less expensive than building a traditional, permanent structure at your facility. Let’s look at some common site conditions where it’s easy to add units. From there, we’ll show you how to convert these areas into profit. 


Whether you purchased an existing storage facility or you’re starting from the ground up, put your site’s perimeter to work with money-making rentals.

Line an existing fence with relocatable units — If there is a fence around your property, chances are you can’t build a permanent structure along it. That land is valuable! Place moveable, relocatable units along fence lines to drastically increase the number of storage units at your facility.

Create a fence using relocatable units — Did you know that relocatable units can be used in lieu of perimeter fencing? The units fit snugly next to each other and offer a solid barrier from neighboring properties. All fences improve security, but a fence made of storage units pays dividends.

"The real winners in life are the people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better."  

~ Barbra Pletcher


A major benefit of relocatable units is their ability to be placed on almost any surface with little to no site prep required.

Grass yards, aging asphalt lots, and rocky roads can all accommodate relocatables. What’s more, relocatables are delivered as a complete kit. This means there is no need for additional foundation, gutters, roofing, etc. Simply assemble your unit, then get to renting.


Historically, property owners have been forced to adhere to strict building regulations. Setbacks and easements can equate to vast areas of unusable land. Though every municipality differs, relocatables can offer a unique solution when it comes to using this land.
Relocatable units are moveable and non-permanent. Again, because they are not buildings, they typically do not adhere to the same regulations as traditional, stick-built storage. Moreover, it’s easy to add additional units at any time. Use this to your advantage by adding units to otherwise unbuildable land.
These examples of site conditions where it’s easy to increase profitability are common, but this is by no means a complete list of areas where you can increase your profitable square footage. Identify the underperforming areas of your property. And then capitalize on them using relocatable units. Easy peasy.

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