Roll-Up or Swing Doors? Which is Right for Your Business?

  • by boxwell/June 29, 2020

Boxwell portable containers and relocatable self-storage units are fully-customizable and designed, built, and purchased with a variety of specifications and features. One key option to choose from is which type of door is right for you. The doors are, after-all, the most frequently used part of each unit. In order to to ensure that you choose a door variety that works best for the use cases your containers will encounter most frequently, it is important to consider a number of factors about your business and its clientele during the design process.

Identify Your Customers and Their Needs

This step is the most foundational to making this choice: who are your customers, and which door option would be more valuable for them? If your business is typically contracted by restaurants or companies that need to move or ship large bulky items in and out of loading bays, roll-up doors help to save space and are less obtrusive when open, since they roll back into the container instead of swinging out. Roll-up doors, however, can be less intuitive and difficult to reach for the some consumers. If your business most commonly serves families and individuals, consider the simplicity and ease of use of a standard swing door.

Understand the Tradeoffs in Maintenance

The other key factor when it comes to choosing the right door for your units is related to your ability to regularly clean and inspect your units. Roll-up and swing doors have different maintenance needs and require different care to ensure they stay pristine. Roll-up doors have numerous hinging components that make up the door and give it its ability to roll and flex as it moves. This means that when cleaning them, one must regularly inspect each area and clean individual hinges that become bent, stuck, or otherwise sustain wear and tear during usage. With traditional swing doors, the face of the door may be easier to clean, but the hinges can become more readily damaged by repeated impact or use. For both door types it is also important to check for wear on paint.  Both variants of doors have unique maintenance needs, so identifying which is more feasible for your business is key to determining which will work best in the long run.

Consider these factors and mention them when discussing your potential options with a Boxwell representative! We are happy to explain and help you better understand the values and maintenance needs of the different options available for our containers. Call today at (303) 416-6280 or visit our product pages to learn more!