How to Keep Your Storage Units Pristine

Boxwell containers are designed from the ground up with durability in mind, but even the best storage units will naturally encounter dirt, grime, and other pollutants that can make it visually unappealing or hard to use. The following are several useful strategies and methods to keep your Boxwell containers pristine from the day you get them to the day they are retired from service.

Keep them in a stable, low-stress environment

The first thing a potential customer will see is the outside of the unit. Regardless of what function it will serve, looking presentable is crucial for making the sale and engendering a positive customer experience. Boxwell units are designed to be exceptionally resistant to weather and sun damage, but over the course of several years cosmetic damage may still manifest. For this reason, Boxwell recommends keeping your containers indoors whenever possible to protect any decals and outside elements from wind, water, and sun damage. As long as they are stored in a stable environment and inspected regularly, the wear and tear they sustain from regular use will be a breeze to manage.

Pay attention to odor

At Boxwell, we take great care to design and treat our units to resist odors better than anyone else on the market. Though it will take years of intense use for an odor to build up to a noticeable level in our units, it can be much harder to eliminate odors than to prevent them ahead of time. To safeguard your self-storage containers, you can use any high strength deodorizing option during the cleaning process. We also recommend charcoal as an effective deodorizer and dehumidifier. Keeping a small bucket of charcoal briquettes in units not currently in use is an easy (and cheap) way to keep them dry and smell free. Just remember to change the charcoal out if a significant amount of water has built up in the bucket!

Establish and maintain a cleaning schedule

Boxwell units are exceptionally versatile, so we design them to stay clean and resilient under a variety of pressures. However, cleaning your units regularly (even if they don’t look like they need it) can improve their longevity by many years. For self-storage container companies, it might make the most sense to clean every unit when it is returned from a customer to company inventory. For businesses without directly customer-facing units, it will greatly depend on their utility. If you are using Boxwell units to transport cargo or store inventory, the frequency of cleaning will depend on what is being stored. Plastics are generally stable, and won’t leave much detritus in a unit. Storing wood or other porous/flaky material? Rinse out your units when they are emptied to remove any small debris that might create mold in the future. Just like with odors, a little bit of prevention will help our Boxwell designs maintain their cleanliness and beauty with ease. There is no perfect answer, so this step will require diligence and careful awareness of your business’ processes and needs to fine-tune.

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