What Makes A Quality Moving & Storage Container?

If you’re looking to purchase a number of moving and portable storage containers for your business operation, the quality of those containers should be an utmost concern. After all, it’s a massive investment in your business and you want to ensure these products will last for the duration of the time that you plan to stay in business… which is hopefully a long, long time!

To help you select the best manufacturer of containers for moving, storage, and shipping, Boxwell is here to help with a few simple tips to keep in mind.

Quality of construction

The primary concern should be the physical quality of the construction used to make the containers. Not all containers are created equally or with the same kind of materials, causing some to age faster, warp, and become damaged sooner than others made with higher grade materials. Boxwell’s containers are laboratory tested for long-term durability and utilizes the highest grade steel available, making them some of the longest lasting containers on the market.

Ease of assembly & portability

If you’re purchasing shipping containers or mobile storage units in bulk you’ll also want to be sure that these products are relatively easy to assemble in order to avoid unforeseen downtime or a delayed opening. You’ll also want to make sure that when assembled, these shipping and storage containers are durable enough to withstand the weather but also portable enough to be moved from job site to job site. Boxwell will not only send a representative to help assist with assembly, but our units can even be stacked up to three containers high when fully loaded, meaning you can save space and maintain mobility.

Options for customization

While some manufacturers have specific sizes and materials, others allow room for creativity and customization to help fit your business’s unique needs. At Boxwell, our design team works hand in hand with each customer to determine every aspect of the container itself, from custom colors and logo decals to improved and upgraded container specifications.

Get more information and request a quote from the leading manufacturer of moving and storage containers at boxwell.co.

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