How to Stage Your Home During the Coronavirus Pandemic

  • by boxwell/September 3, 2020

Thanks to the COVID pandemic, hardly anything is “business as usual” anymore. People are finding that they have to adapt or adjust their approach to many aspects of their lives. This proves especially true if you’re trying to stage and sell your home during these extraordinary times. Boxwell has plenty of experience with the world of staging homes and moving. For some of our top tips on staging your home during a global pandemic, read on!

Prioritize Rooms to Stage

When potential buyers are looking at photos of a new potential home, they often zero in on the rooms that they will spend the most time in. Note that attractive photos will be more important than ever – with in-person tours being restricted or limited, you’ll want to make sure your images stand out from the competition. Most buyers will be very interested in the kitchen and the master bedroom. Consequently, you will want to ensure that you go all out on staging these rooms.

To make these rooms really stand out in a potential buyer’s memory, try contrasting textures with complementary colors. Professional stagers also recommend adding some humor or extra personality to the home decor you choose – anything that will leave a positive and lasting impression. 

Take Advantage of Online Shopping

Although many retail stores have taken a hit due to the pandemic, online shopping is booming more than ever! Use this to your advantage by shopping on sites like Wayfair that offer a wide range of home decor to use in your staging. Here are some go-to items for home decor if you need somewhere to start:

– Decorative vessels

– Hardcover books

– Throw pillows and blankets

– Potted plants

– Throw pillows and blankets

Quirky or unexpected odds-and-ends

Odds-and-ends can consist of anything from seashells and baskets to sculptures and candles – if you see something you find interesting, chances are it’ll stand out to a potential buyer, too, creating positive associations with your home.

Utilize Portable Container Storage

As you work on staging your home, you will likely realize that you need to rearrange or put away your existing furniture and decor to make room. To keep your belongings safe throughout the staging process, consider storing them in convenient portable storage containers. This will keep them safe and secure while shielding them from the elements while you create an appealing, spacious, and neutral setting in your home – perfect for staging!

We hope these tips help you out as you stage your home! To learn more about Boxwell and our moving and storage containers and services, call (303) 317-5850 or contact us online today.

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