Podcast Featuring Boxwell’s Laura Brooks

Here's a transcript of a Jim Ross Self-Storage Show Podcast with Boxwell's Laura Brooks. This episode digs into how to be successful in today's market.
With the rise of technology, podcasts have become a mainstream marketing tool. They come in all shapes and sizes and can reach a huge audience. The topics for podcasts are endless. People listen to their favorite podcasts while driving, exercising, cooking and cleaning — you name it. At Boxwell, we love participating in podcast interviews within the industry. Each podcast featuring Boxwell offers a glimpse into our company that isn’t otherwise marketed. These interviews are often relaxed and can offer a realness unlike articles and website pages.

Below is the transcription of a 2019 podcast with
Jim Ross on the Self-Storage Show featuring Laura Brooks of Boxwell.

Jim Ross: Hey guys, before we get started with today’s episode, I just want to say thanks again for listening to the Self Storage Show. So, the big question is this: How are those in the self-storage industry like us going to be successful in today’s market? That’s the question, and this show will give you the answers. This is Jim Ross at the Self Storage Show today with Laura Brooks from Boxwell. How’s it going, Laura?

Laura Brooks: Hello. Great. Thank you. Thanks for having me.

Jim Ross: Yeah, of course. So, what is your title over at Boxwell?

Laura Brooks: Here at Boxwell I am a strategic account manager. {There are actually four of us in that role. The others are Lisa Maloney, who is in North Carolina, Frank Pendleton in Indiana, Kim Peterson in Tennessee, and I’m here in our Boulder office.}

Jim Ross: Okay, perfect. I always like getting people’s titles. Sometimes they are like that, and sometimes they’re way out there!

Laura Brooks: Right. Yeah. No, it’s pretty simple — straightforward.

Jim Ross: Good. I like it. For some of those that aren’t familiar with, you know, these kinds of spotlight additions, I like to bring people on that, you know, provide a service off course to the storage industry. And of course you guys fit the mold there. So what, what does Boxwell have?

Laura Brooks: Boxwell is a company and that manufacturers customizable, portable storage containers. We service both the self-storage industry, as well as the portable storage industry and a few different industries as well. But that is the main core of our business.

We have been around for going on {six} years now, and the owner, Rod Bolls has been in the industry for over {13} years. He used to work for another company doing a similar thing, and he just found an opportunity to go out on his own and really make a great product. He’s taken all the customer feedback that he’s had from over the years — over {13} years of that experience and the industry experience to bring to market what we believe to be the most innovative container available.

There are a lot of little things, you know, that set us apart from what else is out there.

Jim Ross: Well, that’s kind of why I watch it on because I look at portables and that’s got a floor and ceiling and four walls right there.

Laura Brooks: Yeah. It’s not that complicated. It is interesting to educate new customers — people that are just kind of learning about portable containers, and show them where they fit within their business.

It’s kind of the little things that make the difference as far as containers go. We’ve got what really sets us apart. One of our biggest selling features is our corrugated roof. This allows for better runoff from rain and snow. And it’s also a lot stronger, a lot thicker, and more durable.

And then, just a few other little things for the portable storage industry. We use 3m vinyl decals on our containers as opposed to screen-printing. That comes with a seven-year warranty. You just have better durability and longevity when you use a decal as opposed to screen printing onto containers. Then we’ve got a few little key differences, but you know, these are big investments. You want to make sure that you’re getting something that’s going to withstand time and be there for you for the long haul.

Jim Ross: I recently had an owner who was looking at some space and his mindset was almost like, I hate to say the word disposable. But he’s like, okay, I’ll just stick portables there. They’ll get me through a few years. And I was like, no, no, you want something that’s going to fill this open space. You don’t just want to make a buck, you know, it’s not disposable. Make it last.

Laura Brooks: Yeah, absolutely. With proper care and maintenance, you can have these containers for 20 years, if not longer, if you take care of them.

So yeah, they, they are a great investment, you know, for self-storage operators. It’s just, it makes so much sense if you have any unused space on your property, any idle land, you know, that’s money you’re losing. If you don’t have rental units on that space.

You can use containers on a lot of areas where you can’t do a traditional build out. They’re considered portable. You can move them if you need it too — even though most don’t, but at least you have that option.

It saves a lot of time with permitting from the different municipalities. Also, you’re not having to worry about extreme construction costs or time. The time and money involved with doing a traditional build out versus just ordering containers and putting them down on your property. Our lead time is typically about 10 to 12 weeks.

Once you get them in your hands, each container only takes about 25 minutes to build. You’ve got brand new rental units in 12 weeks — ready to go!

Jim Ross: Wow. Okay. I was going to ask you about that kind of the, the process of, of all that. So 10 to 12 weeks, once you contact you and say, this is kind of what I’m looking for, do you guys, are you part of that? As far as I’m helping, like this is my square footage, this is what I have available and kind of helping them determine what’s a good fit.

Laura Brooks: Yeah. Aside from the quality of our container, what also really sets us apart is our customer service. We’re able to help with, you know, site plans and layouts of their property, um, you know, configuring unit mixes and, you know, ROI for their property.

That’s something that we really like– to help customers figure out what works best for them, working with their timeline, working with our finances, you know, how can we make this work? What’s cool about these containers is that for self-storage you can do all sorts of different unit sizes within a 20-foot container. And that’s really the biggest bang for your buck.

We can do swing doors or roll-up doors with a color match to their existing facility. It looks like a seamless fit if they have an existing facility or specific branding There are a lot of different things we can do. We can site plan, create different layouts and really take them from concept to a finished, complete product.

Jim Ross: Huh. That’s, that’s fantastic. Cause you definitely want to have it look congruent with their existing.

Laura Brooks: Right. It’s great having these different custom options. So, you know, for our standard containers, they come equipped with swing doors, you know, and some people just, you know, it’s all just kind of preference, you know, what you’re used to and what you want. A lot of people, if they have existing facilities, you know, existing units, outdoor units, they have, you know, Janice roll up doors, you know, are different kinds, you know, different brand of roll doors and we can custom and match that. Perfect. 

Jim Ross: Cool. And it looks like it’s just a menagerie of, I pick this side and I have this kind of unit now I got this kind of door. It just looks so right. 

Laura Brooks: Exactly. I know. And some do it that way and that’s fine too. Hey, whatever works, you know, whatever’s going to make you money, but at least we have the ability, you know, to do all these different options, which is really nice.

Jim Ross: Once I order it, and it arrives, I would look out, it’d be like… I wouldn’t know what to do as far as how to put it together. 

Laura Brooks: What’s cool is that when they arrive. Let’s say you place an order with us, and we’ve got all your customizations set, and they are made overseas at our manufacturer, and then they’re shipped directly to your facility. When you get them, they’re actually shipped flat pack and within a 40 foot high cube or ocean container shipping container. Depending on the size that you go with, let’s say you go with a 20 foot container, you’re going to get 12 of our containers shipped flat pack inside that 40 foot high cube.

They’re kind of folded, you know, on their side. And if you go to our website, boxwell.co, there are pictures there and also videos of kind of the unloading and the build process. You can get a lot of information there. It’s all kind of hard to explain verbally.

It always helps to have the pictures to kind of illustrate that. But essentially when you get them, they’re all folded and tucked inside a 40 foot high cube. Then you employ the services of a rollback truck company, and they will pull what we call skids out of that 40 foot high cube. And again, just going back to, if you ordered the 20 foot containers, you’ll have 12 total in there.

There are two skids of six that are packed in there. So they’ll pull each skid out and then unload it on the ground. And then you need a forklift to start breaking them down and putting them down on the ground so you can build them. The forklift takes the roof off of the container and then the walls are hinged.

Laura Brooks: You just need some strong people to put up the wall. You put the corner four corner guards on or four posts on each corner of the container and it’s like 24 nuts and bolts and then use the forklift to put the roof back on and then bolt that back in. And you’re done. I mean, it’s, it’s so simple, you know, again, going back to it’s a box, so it’s nice that the walls are finished and attached to the container.

It’s very simple process. If anyone’s ever worked a drill, you know, or used a wrench and a hammer, then you can do it. I mean, I’ve been out there building boxes, you know, for customers. We do also offer a full install package. I mean, you’ve got those, you know, customers who are investors only, you know, they’re the number crunchers. They’ve never done anything like this. They don’t want to. We can do that for you.

Jim Ross: That’s good. Yeah. That’d be, that’d be me.

Laura Brooks: Yeah. Like I said, it’s not hard, it’s an easy process, but it will take a little more time if you’ve never done anything like that.

Jim Ross: I was watching the video on the website, and it definitely helps to see that it can a lot of comes together and watching the video there. Well, I can definitely see how this works out. Cause like I said, I’ve had a number of clients where I’ve gone in and you know, you’re doing an audit or actually taken over the management and the first thing I do as well. Okay. How can we maximize, you know, the space and efficiency and increased revenue with little right. And

Laura Brooks: There’s so many, I mean, it’s, it’s crazy the self-storage industry. I mean, it’s what up to a $38 billion industry now that just does not seem to be slowing down at all. And then with all the baby boomers, you know, I think I read a quote the other day that like 10,000 retiring a day for the next 15 years. You know, they’re downsizing get rid of stuff and you know, most millennials these days, they don’t want to take that stuff they’re into more minimalist, you know, and, and don’t have that sentimental value. So maybe boomers are downsizing and storing it and yeah, it’s just, it’s, it’s wild. It’s growing and growing. Most places, I mean the national average for self-storage operators that they’re at 90% rental capacity.

In a lot of big cities, the space is limited. You’re not easily going to find the land or the warehouse or the space just to pop up a new self-storage facility. So you’re looking at your own property to maximize just like you said, the space and add more rental units to it and make more money. That’s really it, I mean, just going back to what I said about the, for self-storage containers as being a no brainer. It’s just so simple and it’s so easy to start making more money on your property.

Jim Ross: Well, hopefully people listen to this. Let’s start getting the wheels turning to maximize their property. For those who want to get a hold of you and kind of get walked through the process and need to have a little consultation. How do they reach out to you?

Laura Brooks: I can be reached at Laura at, so that’s laura@boxwell.co You can also go on our website, boxwell.co and inquire for more information. 

Jim Ross: That’s what it’s all about. Perfect. Well, thank you for taking the time. I really appreciate it.

Laura Brooks: Absolutely. Thank you so much for having me on. I look forward to talking to any of you out there that are looking to make more money. Perfect.

Jim Ross: All right. Thanks Laura. Take care. Thanks.

Laura Brooks: Have a great day.

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