Marketing Ideas for Self-Storage – How to Stand Out From the Rest

Smart and well-designed marketing can be the No. 1 factor in what makes or breaks your self-storage business.
How are you marketing your self-storage facility? For even the most seasoned self-storage experts, it feels complicated. But, planning a marketing strategy doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Whether you’re looking to find new clients, boost revenue, or get your brand out there, smart and well-designed marketing can be the No. 1 factor in what makes or breaks your self-storage business. Here are some marketing ideas for your self-storage facility from StoragePug and Boxwell.
What is your self-storage marketing plan? You may be answering this question for the first time, or you have some idea about how your marketing plan looks. Either way, there are many aspects you should consider while mapping out your marketing plan. Before you do anything, you have to develop a clear message. Consider what your customers are looking for in their storage facility. Most customers want to know the features your facility provides and what kinds of deals and promotions you offer. Make your business stand out by researching the marketplace and finding out what you can provide that other storage  facilities can’t. Brag about your 24-hour monitoring, climate-controlled units, high-tech security, and convenient online payments, for example. 

Standing out in the real world as well as the digital world is critical. It is also essential to target customers’ personalities. You want to know as much about your clients and potential clients as possible.

Consider how you’re displaying yourself to the local community. Make sure you have outstanding curb appeal, clear signage, and easy-to-understand reader boards. You’ll want customers to get a quick idea of what you offer. Again, standing out in the real world as well as the digital world is critical. Don’t underestimate the power of good customer service. It is also essential to target customers’ personalities. You want to know as much about your clients and potential clients as possible. By categorizing your customers, you make it easier to understand them at  a high level. Customers have a variety of storage facilities to choose from when they’re looking for their perfect unit. Make your storage facility their No. 1 contender. Remember this: It always costs more to have empty units than to pay for a successful marketing strategy. With successful marketing, you will be the mainstay in your market for tenants who are looking for a storage facility. 
A modern website is important for any business looking to succeed in the 21st-century  marketplace. Your website is your first impression to any  potential client, so it’s critical that you make it as attractive and easy to navigate as possible. Just as you look after the curb appeal of your facility, you should make sure you have  “online curb appeal.” Be sure to showcase your goods in a way that allows website visitors to easily see (and understand) what they’re really getting with your brand – especially if they’re looking solely online. Your website is the first part  of your business that potential customers will see. The majority of internet users own a smartphone, so make sure your website is accessible for viewers on the go.
One more thing to consider is your online aesthetics. Make sure that whenever you use an image that it is high quality. Investing in a professional photographer for images of your facilities and a professional designer for your logos is always a smart idea. Be sure to include a variety of photos on your site, like facility photos, team photos, stock photos, and custom graphics. Consider using drone videography to capture your facility. This will give your customers a unique and dramatic view of your business. You want to stand out, and details like this can really make your website pop! 
Online public relations is a lot like traditional public relations but in the online space. One way to maximize your public relation efforts is to reach out to customers through your website with blogs, articles and social media. You could also consider adding live chat to  your website. Live chat works for self-storage businesses. By adding live chat to your website, you can talk to web visitors who are thinking about signing a lease and  convert them into leads or customers. Live chat can also  cut back on your expenses by allowing managers to talk to potential clients while completing their regular work. Customers can reach out to your staff immediately for help, which will convert to sales and longer stays. Chatbots are also super handy, because they can pre qualify clients when you’re not in the office and auto-respond to questions  without any fuss. Think of them as a courteous and efficient employee that you don’t have to pay.  
SEO is key to online marketing success. Search engine optimization involves choosing and using the right  keywords for your website. Search for what keywords and key phrases within your area pop up on Google. If you don’t have an expertise in SEO best practices, it’s worth it to hire someone who does. Ranking high on Google searches can  provide a serious boom in your business. Social Media is also an important marketing tool. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are  the standard-bearers for well-trafficked social media sites. You may be feeling wary; many businesses assume that if they have a Facebook page that they must post content to it on a regular basis. Believe it or not, there’s no need for that! The real key to your Facebook page is that it will increase your online presence and make it easy for your potential customers to find you. Set up your page, make sure all the information is correct, and check it for messages. That’s all you need to do. 

Backing up to the basics—emailing, calling, and texting are all easy and personable ways to communicate with your customers. Picking up the phone is such a novel idea these days, and one that is always appreciated. And if you prefer to text, it’s a great way to send payment reminders as well as marketing promotions. Keep your customers apprised of important news, events, promotions. You can also notify leads about your pricing and features through text reminders. It’s direct access to your clientele with very little work. Emailing tenants to ask them to leave reviews is another smart way to build successful online feedback. Come up with an email that is somewhat personal, concise, and always ask what makes your customers the happiest about your business. There’s no better marketing than testimonials from happy customers! Remember to link to a popular online reviewer site to encourage them to leave a review. And be sure not to send out a ton of emails!

Most people get their information from the internet these days. However, you should still make sure that you have a significant presence in the real world. Flyers and billboards are for showcasing your storage business to your local neighborhood. It’s easy to use programs like Canva or Vistaprint to create eye-catching and professional flyers for little to nothing. Advertise on busy roadways near your facility so potential customers are aware that you’re right down the street from them. Making a name for yourself in  your community is a super important piece of your marketing strategy.

Consider the community surrounding your business within your marketing plan. The benefits of giving back to the community are far reaching. Firstly, you will create a stronger, more productive team. Secondly, you will connect with your local community. Thirdly, you will improve your bottom line. Companies are recognizing this trend and putting more value into their community commitment. Willingness to roll up your sleeves to help others is a great quality. Organizations who value community involvement are more likely to hire people with drive and compassion. Consider giving discounted rates to local charities or other organizations. Support sports teams in your area to get your name out there. Start your own charity by  accepting donations for a cause you believe in. Check out how a listing of community organizations can spruce  up your webpage. 

There are so many avenues to take when interacting with  your customers. Be sure each one exceeds their  expectations. Your marketing starts with the in-house face  of your business—your manager. Your self-storage facility’s manager is the first impression of your business. This is the person who runs the day-to-day physical operation. Often times, this is also the person who maintains the online presence of your facility. Because so much depends on first impressions, you have to train your managers with your marketing strategy in mind. Train your manager with both sales and marketing. Think about the whole picture when considering how to improve upon your business’s marketing strategy. It’s not a one-size-fits-all industry, so be flexible and creative!  

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