Building a Company Culture of Giving

When a company works to makes a difference from the inside out, the benefits go beyond the bottom line. Boxwell strengthens bonds by volunteering time and resources for a cause.
The key to an amazing company isn’t simply an amazing product; it comes from within. To know a business, look at its company culture and its people. Who are they? What do they stand for? How do they walk the walk? Imagine a company that encourages volunteerism and a healthy, balanced work environment. When a company’s shared values of compassion become the essence of its work culture, it’s a beautiful thing. You’ll see employees who have a mutual respect for each other, the work they do, and the community that surrounds them.
The benefits of giving back to the community are far reaching. Firstly, you will create a stronger, more productive team. Secondly, you will connect with your local community. Thirdly, you will improve your bottom line. Companies are recognizing this trend and putting more value into their community commitment. Willingness to roll up your sleeves to help others is a great quality. Organizations who value community involvement are more likely to hire people with drive and compassion.
When building Boxwell, Rod Bolls set out to create a company that prioritizes a balance between working hard and playing hard. He aligned a strong business model with a strong team and a sustainable work environment. To achieve this ideal company culture, Rod nurtures every relationship. Customers, partners, vendors, local non-profits, neighborhood sports teams and museums all matter. Over the past five years, the Boxwell team has grown into a group of talented and passionate people. As individuals, we value our work, family, friends and local community. As a team, we strengthen our relationships by engaging with them on a regular basis. Boxwell’s mission is to help customers succeed by providing a streamlined storage solution that is Built for Your Success.

 Here’s how we do it:

At the core, Boxwell uses a hands-on approach to business that is carried throughout everything we do. When we need to talk, we pick up the phone. If there are questions, we demo our product. When intrigued with something new, we give it a try. If a team member needs help, we offer it. When our community needs support, we lend our resources. With innovative, problem-solving ways of “thinking outside of the box,” anything is possible. That’s our culture.

So how do you build a company culture of giving?

When a company works to makes a difference from the inside out, the benefits go beyond the bottom line. One of the ways that Boxwell strengthens bonds within our community is by volunteering our time as a team. We work together to help community organizations in need. We also donate our resources to schools and non-profit organizations. After all, storage is a necessity for most organizations!
Most recently, we had a “team bagging” event in our office for a local Colorado non-profit organization, There With Care. This organization provides support for families during the critical phase of a medical crisis. Our team gathered to fill tote bags with food and drink for families with children in the hospital. It was a reminder to be thankful for the health of our own families. As you can see from our smiles, we enjoy working together in this capacity to help our community. 

Here are some key reasons and ideas for creating a company culture of giving:


Volunteering builds a sense of community among employees as they work toward a common goal. Working alongside co-workers helps employees see beyond their professional roles. Plus, it feels good to work in a culture of giving.


As a for-profit business with resources, your company can play an essential role in building community. Sponsor a local event, volunteer at a non-profit or donate product. Getting to know members of your community strengthens your connection to where you live and work. 


People will focus on companies who support local causes when deciding between brands. You can build brand awareness, trust and loyalty from customers. Not to mention, you’re helping an organization in need!
To emphasize the habit of giving back, set a schedule for giving.  Plan to do at least one activity every quarter, for example. Being consistent with your giving initiatives will remind your employees that giving is part of the company culture. Participation in charitable efforts gives your team an opportunity to engage in something different than their professional, day-to-day roles. If you can, choose giving initiatives based upon your company’s values to ensure that compassion becomes a strong part of your culture. Everyone will build deeper bonds with each other as they work together to make an impact on their community.

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