Expressing Gratitude for Ourselves, at Work and in our Communities

Being thankful for and expressing gratitude for what surrounds us is the surest pathway to both success and happiness.
Through the good times and the bad, expressing gratitude for ourselves, at work and in our communities is key. Things are looking up in our world; vaccinations are available, the economy is improving, restaurants and stores are opening for business, and schools are mostly in session. After living in an altered state for so long, these small steps toward normalcy feel monumental. One thing we have learned is to be grateful for the simple pleasures — like hiking without a mask, having a dinner party or giving a friend a hug.  
While it may be a while before we can bring back all our favorite activities (we will be able to someday, right?), it is important to maintain the gratitude we have for them. In fact, gratitude has become something of a buzz word over the past year. Surely, you’ve heard how being thankful can change your life. Being thankful and expressing gratitude has benefits for individuals, businesses and communities. In fact, writing or saying “thank you” can improve your health (mental and physical) and strengthen your relationships.
We all know someone who seems to be in a perpetually-positive mood. Lucky them. No matter what is happening in their world, they find and are thankful for what’s good. You, too, can find joy in the everyday. Start with the gratitude you feel for your immediate self, including your family, health and where you live. Then move on to practicing gratitude for your place of work and co-workers. It’s also very important to acknowledge your community and local organizations. So how do you add practicing gratitude to your daily habits? It’s easier than you might think — simply write it down or say it out loud.

1. Be grateful for yourself.

Having personal gratitude for your health, your family and where you live is important. What surrounds you, however, may be what you take for granted most. It’s easy to overlook your health, especially when it’s good. Be sure that you know how lucky you are to have such a remarkably healthy body. Take time out each day to appreciate your family – and tell them about it. Think about how fortunate you are to live where you do. You’ll gain more satisfaction with your life if you remind yourself how wonderful it really is. Positivity brings about more positivity!

2. Be thankful for your workplace and fellow employees.

We spend more time at work than we may like, so why not make it a happy place? Be thankful for your co-workers and employees, and let it show. If you have team meetings, be sure to recognize and appreciate each other’s efforts. This validation goes a long way for employee morale. Each person brings their own set of skills and qualities to the company, so celebrate their individual successes and give kudos to a job well done. By outwardly expressing your gratitude for the people in your business, you can boost job satisfaction and hopefully reduce job stress.

3. Expand your gratitude to your community.

Once you’re set in appreciating yourself and your place of work, look outwards to share your gratitude for your local community. Organizations, schools and non-profit groups make such an impact in our lives, let’s be sure to thank them for it! By volunteering and making donations, you can support those in need within your area. Community service connects us to our neighborhoods by improving it and making it a better place for living and working. Plus, if you show local support with you family or co-workers, you’ll build deeper connections (team building) throughout!
Our thoughts make an impact (think: thoughts become your words become your actions). If you move your thoughts to what’s positive, you will bring about more positivity. Wouldn’t it be great to notice joy and happiness in everything? Well, expressing gratitude for what surrounds us is the surest pathway to both success and happiness.

At Boxwell, we aim to grow and thrive — as individuals, as a team, and as members of our local community. We are thankful for our health and the success of our business, and we work to support those who are in need. Through innovation and perseverance, we set out to reinvent storage and create the best product in the industry!

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