On the Lighter Side

It finally feels that we’re on the road to normalcy in the United States. With new mask-free allowances for outdoors, we can start seeing each other again.
It finally feels that we’re on the road to normalcy in the United States. Summer concerts, social events and farmers’ markets are on the calendar. Even hiking has taken on a new air of freedom. With new mask-free allowances for outdoors (while 6ft apart), we can start seeing each other again. 
Something remarkable happened last week while venturing out to hike in Boulder. Water bottle in tow, sunscreen applied, and headphones set to listen, I was ready to go. As I grabbed my mask from the stash I keep in the car, I realized that I do not need it. I honestly wasn’t sure if I felt excited or nervous. What would it be like? It was wonderful.

1. More interaction with each other.

Being allowed to hike without a mask, people can actually smile at each other. I found that I was also saying hello to fellow hikers — and enjoying it! 

 2. There is less hiding.

No more uttering things under my breath with the helpful guise of my mask. This might take a little getting used to, but it’s overall a good thing.

3. Breathing is enjoyable.

For the first time in what feels like forever, I can hike without covering my two sources of air. Believe me, extra oxygen is always a plus for stair-stepping hikes in Boulder.

4. Sunglasses are an option.

With over 300 days of sunshine every year, Colorado is not a place where you want to be without sunglasses, but the fogging from masks is unbearable. So glad that’s over.
Let’s face it, not having to wearing a mask outside is a big step in the right direction. At Boxwell, we are looking forward to in-person trade shows and customer events and meetings. While it’s been nice to keep the work flowing with Zoom meetings and virtual events, being able to shake each other’s hands and see each other’s smiles will be a welcome change back to normal.
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Boxwell’s Frank Pendleton joins Jim Ross to discuss how self-storage owner/operators can maximize revenue using Boxwell relocatable units.
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