Storage Tips for College Students

Increasingly, college students are keeping their belongings in a nearby storage facility during the summer, in-between leases and when studying abroad.
College days are filled with so many wonderful activities, such as strolling through campus, pulling all-nighters in the library, going to football games and hanging out with friends at the coffee shop. Really, one of the only negative things about college life is move in/move out day. It’s so stressful to bring all of your personal belongings to and from campus every year. Living quarters are typically small, and everyone’s lot of belongings feels typically large. It’s amazing that it all fits! 
As the school semester comes to a close, many college students are making plans to move for the summer. Most campus dorms don’t allow students to keep their belongings at school over the summer, so students are faced with either finding a place to store everything or moving their belongings back home for the summer. Renting a relocatable self-storage unit at a storage facility near campus is a great solution. Consider storing your belongings so you don’t have to move them back and forth each year! 

 Here are some tips from Boxwell for using self-storage as a college student:

1. Keep your items safe, secure and close to school.

Storing items over the summer for next year is much easier than packing up and moving everything back home (or wherever you’ll spend the summer). Keep your items safe, secure and close to school for when you’re ready to move back in the fall. Whether or not you attend an out-of-state college, you can simplify moving in and out of your living spaces during your college career. It’s become increasingly common for college students to pack up their belongings and keep them in a storage facility during the summer, in-between dorms and apartment leases, or while studying abroad.

2. Find a self-storage facility close to campus.

Go for a close location. Getting a storage unit near your college makes it easy to transport your belongings during the school year, summer or exchange trip. With a storage unit rental, you can keep your items close to campus all year long and save yourself time and money with a long-distance move. Check if your college works with local storage facilities for a student discount.

3. Be strategic when packing your items.

Pack and move your belongings with boxes or large plastic bins. You will want to be able to quickly locate what you’ve packed, so be sure to label each container. Load each box or bin with only as much weight as you can easily lift. Whether it’s for short-term or long-term storage, it’s key to make things easy for yourself. Storage shouldn’t be complicated. If you plan on keeping an item in the storage unit for a long period of time, put it in the back. Items that you’ll need regularly accessible, should be stored in the front of the unit.

 4. Store large or seasonal items when not in use.

Storage units are also convenient for college storage all year long. Let’s face it, dorm rooms and apartments can be small. If you like to live in a clutter-free atmosphere, you will need somewhere to put the items you don’t use all the time. Seasonal items such as winter clothes, ski gear, snow tires and bedding are examples of what you probably don’t have room to store in your living space. Storage facilities offer an accessible (usually drive-up) place for you to keep the larger items that you may need for particular sport or class. If you’re on crew, for example, you will need a place to stash your boat and oar. Art majors also tend to have large canvases or tools that can be safely stowed into a storage unit.

5. Utilize storage space during the school year.

Renting a small storage unit during college can be a cost-effective solution to the back-and-forth moving over a 4+ year span. While you’re on campus, the storage unit can free up space from your dorm or apartment. Facilities offer a secure and accessible space for your belongings. For the times when you’re living elsewhere, leave all of your belongings in a storage unit near campus until you need them again on campus.
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