Determining the Right Unit Mix for Your Facility

What size units will do well in your area? How many storage units will you need? Here are some ways to calculate a combination that can work for your facility.
When building or expanding a self-storage facility, wouldn’t it be great to plug in a formula to know the right mix of units? What size units will do well in your area? How many storage units will you need? While there may not be an exact science for determining the right unit mix, there are ways to calculate a combination that can work for your self-storage facility.

To learn the type of storage that’s in demand in your area, you’ll need to research the competition, local market and demographics. Here are some tips for how to do that:

1. Research Local Competition

You can start off with a simple Google search for self-storage in your area. See who pops up first, and then dig into what they have to offer. Put yourself in the customers’ shoes and take note of how it feels to do this research. How easy are the websites to navigate? Can you book online? Who are they marketing to? You may find that there are holes in what’s offered, which would be a great way to beat out the competition.

2. Consider the Local Market

Is your facility situated near other businesses? Then, you may consider larger storage units for industrial and office storage. Are there a lot of apartments or townhomes nearby? You will need small units that are accessible. If your location includes boating and traveling, consider units large enough for boat and RV storage. Does your weather include extreme temperatures or storms? Be sure to buy storage units that are weather-proof. See some of Boxwell’s features.

3. Look at the Demographics

Who lives near your facility? The age, income and marital status of your tenants will determine what size units are in high demand. Typically, single people under 30 will rent a smaller unit, while married people (with children) will rent a larger one. People who own their own homes will rent larger units and usually keep them for longer. Those renting apartments tend to move more often and have less stuff. You get the idea. 
After you’ve done your research and have determined what unit mix will be ideal, remember that you can build or expand in phases. This way, you can adjust your mix based on the demand as you go along. Boxwell manufactures relocatable self-storage units with all size and configuration options imaginable. Choose between swing or rollup doors. We even do a color match to your facility or logo for a seamless addition or flawless new build.

Work with a Boxwell representative to decide on an ideal, moveable storage unit mix, custom colors, door configurations and more. Once you place an order, we deliver and install your Boxwell relocatable self-storage units. You’ll be ready to rent them in no time!
At Boxwell, we pride ourselves on providing customers with the highest-quality storage containers on the market. We set out to reinvent storage and prove that a great product can be created through innovation and perseverance. As a team, we strive to evolve with our ever-growing industry.
Our products include drive-up self-storage unitsrelocatable self-storage units, portable storage containersresidential storage containersmoving containers, and restoration containers. Intended to help you increase your business’ revenue-generating space, our portable containers and relocatable self-storage units are flexible, stackable, and beautiful! Boxwell is here to ensure that our products help you achieve your business goals.

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