Relocatables: A Solution for Supply Chain Challenges

The demand for building materials, such as wood and steel, has really grown over the past year. We all feel it -- manufacturers, buyers, and consumers alike.
The demand for building materials, such as wood and steel, has grown over the past year. New construction, DIY projects, rebuilding, and refurbishing projects all affect the supply chain. If you’ve tried to buy lumber or steel in the past few months, you’ve felt the sticker shock. Lumber and steel prices fluctuate all the time. With the economic impact of a global pandemic, the changes have been especially painful. We all feel it — manufacturers, buyers, and consumers alike.


Price points for lumber are up over 230% (Fortune), and there is no end in sight. Contractors are being forced to cancel or postpone building projects due to the lumber scarcity and astronomical pricing.
Steel prices are soaring as well, hitting an all-time high in April of 2021 (Trading Economics).

Hot rolled coil prices are forecasted to peak out in the first quarter of 2021 and begin to retreat in the second quarter of 2021 (IHS Markit).


While construction trends are on the rise, there has also been an uptick in storage needs. The storage industry is hitting record-high demand (CoStar). One reason for the boom is due to current building, moving and remodeling projects. Storage facilities are full and need to expand, which is great for us in the storage industry. But the supply of construction materials is not enough to feed the robust demand.


If you’re considering an expansion of your business to meet the rising demand in your area, you have options. Do not commit to stick-built construction before comparing the cost to Boxwell relocatable units. Relocatables provide the same aesthetics, function, and quality as a traditional storage structure — for a fraction of the cost.


Firstly, you can place Boxwell relocatables on any surface, which minimizes the cost of site prep. Secondly, our units have ready-made construction to cut the need for foundations, roofing, gutters, HVAC, and more. Thirdly, you will save on labor costs. Each unit requires two to four people and about 20 minutes to build – that’s roughly 10 square feet of rentable space gained per minute!


Don’t wait to order. The events of 2020 have slowed global shipping, so now is the time to begin your expansion. Our team will move to deliver and install your custom, made-to-order units. They’ll be ready to rent in no time!

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At Boxwell, we pride ourselves on providing customers with the highest-quality storage containers on the market. We set out to reinvent storage and prove that a great product can be created through innovation and perseverance. As a team, we strive to evolve with our ever-growing industry!

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