Teamwork Matters in the Workplace

Every business has employees with diverse backgrounds, unique skills, talents and personalities. Each employee is hired for what they individually bring to the table, and they are responsible for a particular part in helping the company succeed. More than any one’s specific talent, however, is the combination of everyone’s skillset on a team that makes a company thrive.  And, when employees come together as a team to share the tasks according to their strengths, experience, and skills, a positive work environment is created.  Read on to see how bringing a variety of employees together is paramount in any company’s success. 

Positive Work Environment

Teamwork within the workplace is the overall cohesiveness (think: glue) of the individuals working together to accomplish a common goal. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. While different people have different problem-solving approaches, working together can foster a certain synergy and loyalty within the company culture. This positive work environment is more valuable than anything, as it brings a feeling of belonging and joy to the team. 

Pass the Ball

Think about it, when you work alone, you restrict yourself to a single perspective. When working as a team, your vantage point is opened to different ideas and perspectives. Teamwork in more obvious in sports, with teammates passing the ball to one another as a way of increasing their chances of scoring. Similarly, in business, each employee within a team can work toward the end goal. Having positive team relationships make employees more reliable, effective, and productive. Imagine working with a group of people who challenge and inspire you – and everyone’s role is valued!

Clear Goals

So, what are the key ingredients to a successful team? First off, good leadership is necessary for a top-down alignment amongst team members. A strong leader will provide clear goals (weekly, monthly and annually) to create a supportive environment with touchpoints, feedback and acknowledgement along the way. With this support, each team member will know that they are trusted and a vital part of the greater goals of the company.


Flexibility is one of the most important factors in teamwork (and in other aspects of life!).  Know how to adjust yourself to any given situation and be ready to step up to the plate as needed. You may have been hired for your strong administrative skills, for example, but now you’re needed to help with customer support. Being able (and willing) to fill gaps in the company as necessary is a valuable trait. Also, be flexible with your thoughts. With all of the differing opinions and ideas floating around, being open to new ideas is key to the success of the team as a whole. There is so much to learn from each other – if we listen.

Share the Workload

Being a team player means being willing to share the workload. We’re only human after all, so helping each other out can help with workplace burnout — which is very common. When you know that your colleagues have your back, you feel more comfortable and confident.
 At Boxwell, for example, when you walk into the office (or witness a Zoom meeting these days), you can see and feel the camaraderie within the group. There is an inexplicable gel that brings our team together to work effectively and genuinely enjoy each other. Our leader sets clear goals with each of us, values our individuality and motivates us to always work with each other. Our sales team often helps one another out with customer support with a, “we’re all in this together” attitude. The phrase, many hands make light work is certainly true. With a team that works well together, it doesn’t feel like work at all.  
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