5 Reasons Testimonials are Good for Business

Most online purchasing decisions involve researching and reading testimonials. The most cost-effective marketing tool you have is your group of current customers and their reviews of your product.
Testimonials are good for business. It’s no surprise that today’s consumers use the internet to help with their purchasing decisions. We all rely upon technology to get information, fast. Online shopping usually involves researching and reading testimonials. The most cost-effective (think: free) marketing tool you have is your group of current customers. Testimonials from existing clients can help potential customers connect with you and trust in your brand. This translates to increased revenue.
Customer feedback — whether it’s a testimonial, case study, review or star-rating, is designed to inspire confidence in your brand. How does work? By illustrating a real customer’s experience, testimonials give a first-hand account of your product. Let’s take the internet search for “the best manufacturer of storage units“, for example. Here, consumers want to learn which company to go with based upon quality. They’ll want to see what other people have to say about the integrity of the product. Reading someone else’s perspective helps consumers to decide whether it may be right for them. If they can relate to the customers in your posted testimonials, it will be easier for them to connect to your product. What a powerful tool!

The following are 5 reasons testimonials are good for business:

1. Customer testimonials can explain your products or services

Customer testimonials not only put your company in a positive light; they can also explain your product in layman’s terms (customer-to-customer). A good customer testimonial will include an easy-to-read summary of how they used your products or services to meet their needs. How did your business work as a solution for them? If your product or service is unique in your industry, be sure to showcase the testimonials that illustrate how.

2. Testimonials can help build trust

Credibility is essential to the success of your business. Customer testimonials are simple proof that you have happy customers and are a trustworthy company. People tend to trust other consumers over businesses. Be sure to have a good variety of reviews, so that you can reach as many intrigued potential customers as possible.
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3. Reviews and testimonials can increase revenue

Testimonials are ideal for increasing confidence in your product or service. For instance, if a consumer is deciding between your business and one other, your list of testimonials can be persuasive. Reading a positive quotation from a loyal customer will increase the likelihood of a purchase (and repeat purchases).

4. Testimonials can improve web traffic and SEO

Search engines want customers to find what they’re looking for. Reviews and testimonials definitely play a role in which businesses come up for which search queries (and in what order). Using these customer reviews and testimonials can improve your SEO and ultimately increase visitors to your site.

5. Customer feedback adds an emotional factor to your business

By posting customer feedback on your website, you will attract a deeper (more human) interest from prospective clients. You become not just a business, but a group of people working to make the best product or service available. People like people (most of the time), so here’s a chance to exude your realness!
Where should you put your customer testimonials? Ideally, you will post them on your website, within some of your blogs, on brochures, in social media and press releases, and within direct mail and e-newsletters. Once you have gathered and posted 5-10 testimonials, be sure to keep them current. If your most recent review is from last year, it’s time to get a new one! Be strategic with your testimonials to promote your business. With happy customers who are willing to speak out, your business can grow a strong reputation and thrive.

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