Being a Well-Rounded Company: Why It’s a Good Idea

To find well-rounded employees, It's key to lead a well-rounded company. Stand for more than your work and live a multi-dimensional life.

Let’s face it, we ask a lot of our employees. We want them engaged, innovative, and high performing. We want them to have a wide range of capabilities and problem-solving skills. On top of that, we want them to have a healthy, balanced life outside of work. So how to you attract such employees? One of the best ways to find well-rounded employees is by becoming a well-rounded company. 

Businesses today certainly have challenges. For example, there is a shortage of labor. The pandemic has caused the people to look at things in a different light. First, with the generous unemployment benefits, it became more lucrative to NOT work for some people. Second, having the flexibility to work from home or for yourself became the norm. Finally, employees want to work for a company whose mission goes beyond the bottom line. So how can businesses balance these changes and demands? And, how can you be sure to avoid the burnout that is hitting many businesses today?

To achieve a well-rounded company, it’s key to lead by example with the qualities you are seeking from your own employees. What qualities have served you well? To be a great leader, you need to be able to view things from everyone else’s perspective. How does it feel to be in their shoes? Also, don’t just live for the work. Business leaders should aim to live multi-dimensional lives. A well-rounded leader considers the affect they have on others. This includes the impact they make with family, friends, employees, partners, and community. Set the example that a balanced life is essential for a happy life. And, being happy is conducive to being productive.

So, what are some of the ways to initiate well-roundedness for your company? Connect with others, expand your interests and skills, and identify new ways to build your team in and out of the office. Instead of doing things the same way, change things up for your team. For example, take a “walk-and-talk” meeting outside rather than in the office. Plan a team-building session at a bowling alley. You might learn things about each other that you never knew. Do you have athletes in your company? Start a cycling team and meet weekly for a morning ride. Register for a 10K together — and invite everyone’s family. Community involvement is another great way to round out your team. By making efforts to connect with things outside of the work you do, you can improve overall productivity! Plus, your team will be less likely to burnout.

Companies are recognizing the trend for giving back to the community. They are putting more value into their community commitment. Willingness to roll up your sleeves to help others is a great quality. Organizations who value community involvement are more likely to hire people with drive and compassion.

What qualities are you looking for in your employees? Here are the basics:

In addition, these qualities would help make a well-rounded employee:

Becoming a well-rounded leader is the first step to making your company well-rounded. From there, you’ll attract well-rounded individuals for a thriving team. Remember to always take a step back to assess that you are walking the walk and leading by good example.

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