Why Community Connection Matters

  • by boxwell/April 29, 2020
  • brenda@boxwell.co

When I first considered a job within the portable and self-storage industry, I wondered if it would satisfy my desire be surrounded by positive energy and work for a company that makes an impact within the community. What I found is that community connection comes in many shapes and sizes — and so does good heartedness. Any company, whether it’s small, medium or large, has ample opportunities to anchor within its local community. 

There are endless ways to really make a difference

      • Sponsor and coach local sports teams

      • Commission local artists

      • Volunteer at non-profit organizations

      • Donate product to local organizations

      • Support neighboring restaurants 

      • sponsor and participate in local events and races

      • Participate in food drives


Boxwell is an unexpected gem within an otherwise seemingly dull industry. Don’t get me wrong, now that I am gainfully employed at Boxwell, I see that the storage industry is actually pretty hip & fun. Thankfully, they had me at, “Yes, we support our community!” 


In fact, Boxwell takes community connection very seriously. Each of us works hard for the success of our company, but the key is knowing that our positive energy can grow outside of the office. We love sharing that energy when we volunteer at There With Care, a local non-profit who works to provide support for families during the critical phase of a medical crisis. We have donated Boxwell containers to the Museum of Boulder and Without Limits. We are also grateful to be able to sponsor and coach little league baseball teams, participate in events (did you know that we have our own cycling team?), support neighboring restaurants and businesses, and most recently, commission local artist, Katherine Homes, for three paintings for our office. The joy our community brings us is something we aspire to transfer to others. It’s really a no-brainer! Call Boxwell at (303) 416-6280 for more information.

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