5 Steps for Monthly Storage Container Care

At Boxwell, we have designed our portable storage containers to be one of the most durable and hardy products on the market. On top of that, we offer amazing warranties on paint, decals, and the containers themselves. 

Regular use and transportation can still lead to some wear and grime, however. To extend the life of your storage containers and ensure they look pristine, we’ve put together our top 5 most important maintenance steps that should be performed on a monthly basis.

1. Remove snow and ice from the roof. Over time, the weight of water, ice, and snow can put undue stress on containers’ roofs. This can lead to thinning metal, rust, and even dents and scratches. If your containers have experienced some inclement weather, try to clean off the tops as soon as possible.

2. Clean visible dirt and surface rust. Cleaning off any apparent grime every month will greatly increase your containers’ lifespan (not to mention make them look more professional and appealing to customers!). To safely clean your containers, use an anti-mildew solution, mild bleach, a hose, and a broom to clean off any dirt and surface rust. If you discover larger dents, holes, or rust spots, call a professional to repair and repaint the container.

3. Sweep the container’s floors. The floors of your Boxwell containers are made of marine-grade plywood which has been treated and sealed. You can easily clean them by sweeping out any rock, sand, or other debris that has accumulated there, which will help prevent gouges and scratches.

4. Maintain your containers’ doors. Ensure that your containers’ doors open, close, and latch properly. If your roll-up doors are not operating smoothly, you can apply lubricant. Swing doors should be checked to make sure they are still sealed from inclement weather. Don’t forget to inspect all latches and locks!

5. Avoid putting too much weight on containers. Boxwell containers have a maximum payload of 10,000 pounds and can be stacked three-high – but it’s still possible to cause structural damage by going overboard. Flat-packed or otherwise unassembled containers have limits as well; they should not be stacked more than 5-high with brackets.

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