Hiring Qualified Employees: Humans Win Over Robots

Hiring qualified employees who can think critically and can solve problems on the fly is so important today. Be sure to prioritize human skills over automations.

More and more, jobs are being replaced with machines and software. Restaurants, banks, grocery stores, and gas stations are all automated. We shop online, buying clothes, books, new license plates, and furniture. It’s been a gradual change that we’ve all embraced, especially during the past pandemic years. But with all this automation and artificial intelligence, human interaction is slowly diminishing. How can we be sure that humans stay on top? One way is hiring qualified employees with skillsets that a computer can’t fully emulate.

Human skills are more important than ever.

Today, businesses can use automations to help with efficiencies. Sure, that’s great. But we also need to hire qualified employees who think critically and can solve problems on the fly. With all the AI and automations, employers must balance out using humans and robots. Hiring employees based upon their human skills is imperative. We need to look for skills such as empathy, emotional intelligence, and curiosity. And employers should value written and verbal communication, adaptability, and problem-solving, for example.

Job seekers are looking for more than a job. And businesses need to show them why being a part of their team is special. Be sure to highlight your positive qualities. What about your company is most appealing? Can you offer a flexible schedule and remote work? Do you have lunch delivered to the office? Do you have a positive presence in the local community? How’s your company culture? People are seeking higher pay, more flexibility, and remote options. They are also seeking more than just work. People want to connect and feel community. So, how do we entice these perfectly qualified candidates? To hire ideal employees, it is key to lead a well-rounded company. Be sure to stand for more than your work. Here is a Boxwell blog post on the topic: Being a Well-Rounded Company: Why it’s a Good Idea

Be sure to offer benefits along with competitive wages.

With minimum wage increases, it’s only natural that all wages should go up. Be sure you know the range. It’s also a good idea to offer an incentive for a job well done. Promote quarterly bonuses based on performance? Three-month reviews are a great way to check in with your employees. And if they’ve met certain criteria, give them a bump in their income from time to time. Do you have a 401(k)-matching program? Remember whomever you hire now will help you build the future of your business. Look after your employees by paying them well, and you’ll be sure to build a solid team.

And always keep your options open. As a business, it may be ideal to hire someone with experience in your industry. But it’s important to look past your ideal checklist. You might have that perfect candidate in mind, and you might never find them. Be willing to look at a resume from someone, for example, with less experience than you are hoping for. Sometimes “green” hires become your best employees. Similarly, don’t be dissuaded by an applicant who appears to be over-qualified. People make life changes and may be looking for a role to fit their new life-balance. Base your decision to hire upon how the person communicates and works with a team.

What are the key qualities to look for in potential employees?

Lucky for humans, AI still has a long way to go before it surpasses us. People are still the best choice; even as new technologies continue to change our workplace. As far as text generators, AI software simply can’t keep pace with current events or rapidly changing topics. Sure, they can quickly produce large amounts of written content. And the content may look right, but it’s often wrong. Plus, it’s not original or insightful. Natural language processors simply collect information that’s already available. Personally, I love to research a topic and write about it. And while I appreciate advances in technology, I’m not grasping onto the fast-track, short cuts to blogging just yet.

The Boxwell team is a diverse group of talented and passionate people. We value work, family, friends, and our local community. Boxwell gives young interns who may someday grow into leadership a chance. We have recent college graduates who we’ve scooped up to join the crew. Our part-time employees are key for their areas of specialty. And our seasoned employees are always willing to share what they know and step up as needed.

Our varied levels of experience and knowledge encourages us to grow and learn each day. Each of us has unique skills and talent. And we work together to serve our customers and the community we call home. To achieve our ideal company culture, we nurture our relationships with our customers, partners, vendors, and local neighborhood.

About Boxwell

At the core, Boxwell uses a hands-on approach to business that is carried throughout everything we do. When we need to talk, we pick up the phone. If there are questions, we demo our product. And when we’re intrigued with something new, we give it a try. If a team member needs help, we offer it. When our community needs support, we lend our resources. With compassion and innovative ways of “thinking outside of the box,” anything is possible. That’s our culture.

When building Boxwell, Rod Bolls set out to create a company that prioritizes a balance between working hard and playing hard. He aligns a strong business model with a strong team and a sustainable work environment. To achieve an ideal company culture, Rod nurtures every relationship. For example. this includes customers, partners, vendors, local non-profits, neighborhood sports teams, and museums.

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