5 Ways to Make Customer Service Count

The success of your business depends not only on the quality of your product or service but also on the longevity of your clients. Customer care, customer service, customer support…whatever you call it, is super important for every business.
The success of your business depends not only on the quality of your product or service but also on the longevity of your clients.  Customer care, customer service, customer support…whatever you call it, is super important for every business. The key is knowing how to build and maintain relationships with your clients and partners. At its core, quality customer service is about making sure your customers feel valued, treated fairly, and appreciated by your business. Over time, your personalized efforts with customers will develop into deeper connections, and eventually loyalty. But how easy is it to achieve long-term relationships with your customers? Here are some ways to make it happen from the experts at Boxwell

1. Exude Positivity

Customers are influenced by each and every experience; a positive experience could make them stick with your brand forever, whereas a negative experience could send them to a competitor. Good service starts at the top and moves its way into each employee through training and check-ins.  Every team member in your organization should be happy to represent your brand, mission and values. Employees who feel the love for their product or service will exude that feeling to the customer.

2. Show Your Customers That You Care

Listen to their needs, go over their questions with them, and be willing to work to solve any issues or concerns. Genuinely get to know your customers and continually check in with them to see what you could improve upon. Roll up your sleeves and get in the action to prove that this relationship is important to you.

3. Be Available

The time it takes for you to respond to your customers is important in today’s “immediate culture.” Slow service and support can kill retention, so pick up the phone, answer the email, pop in to say hello. Be sure you’re easy to contact. It’s like any relationship, and all of these touch points matter for your customers.

4. Take a Long-Term Approach

Good customer service cultivates trust and loyalty. The goal is to win and maintain customers with the quality of your product or service. Plan to build loyalty from the start, and you’ll be sure to gain repeat customers. If someone has a positive experience with your brand, there’s no reason for them to look elsewhere! 

5. Consider Loyal Customers Your Best Marketing Effort

Happy customers spread the word. When you have a wonderful experience with a brand that you trust, you’re probably going to rave about it to others. Building loyalty can help you acquire new customers from their reviews. These positive testimonials will be more effective (and cheaper) than any of your current marketing efforts.
With so much competition in business, be sure that customer service is top on your company’s lists of strengths and go above and beyond expectations. Customers can learn about your company from your website, social media outlets, ads, articles, blogs and other marketing efforts. But, loyalty is rooted in trust, and customers trust real-life humans more than the notion of a brand. It’s the person-to-person engagement where you have the opportunity to really connect with your customers. Think about each interaction with your customers as a building block. Once you start building, you’ll soon see improvements to your company’s bottom line.
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