5 Ways to Deliver Your Portable Storage Containers with Ease

It's key to find an uncomplicated delivery system that is both safe and secure. Read on for our top 5 ways to deliver portable storage.
Portable storage containers are designed for transportation. They’re durable, weatherproof, and indestructible. And moving these convenient containers from one location to another shouldn’t be complicated. When you need to deliver portable storage containers to your customers, you have options. There are a number delivery systems to deliver portable storage containers. It’s up to you. 
So which delivery system should you choose? Our top 5 ways to deliver portable storage include a rollback tow truck, semi-trailer, Hawk Lift, No Ramp™ trailer, and Cardinal Mule. The key is to choose a delivery system that is right for your operation. Here, we will explore these different transportation systems and dive into why sometimes, less is more. No one wants more equipment than is necessary. The end goal is to deliver your storage units in an uncomplicated way that is both safe and secure. Let’s break it down:
Deliver Your Portable Storage with a Rollback Truck

1. Deliver portable storage with a rollback tow truck

Rollback tow trucks are a popular delivery option for a lot of portable storage operators. They have a moveable platform where a portable storage or moving container sits. The vehicle has a hydraulic tilt bed that raises up or down, so that the container slides off the back and onto the ground. When the truck pulls forward, the container will settle onto its new location. 
Deliver Your Portable Storage with a Semi-Trailer

2. Delivery with a semi-trailer

Semi-trailer or flatbed tractor trailer trucks work well for large containers. This would be a good option for a 40 ft ocean container, for example, which is too large for a rollback. A major challenge is the size of this type of delivery system, which requires more space when storing and when transporting.  And you’ll need a loading dock, crane, side-loader, or heavy forklift.
Deliver Your Portable Storage with a Hawk Lift

3. Delivery with a Hawk Lift 

Hawk Lift trucks provide a straight and steady pick with minimal risk of tipping or damaging storage content. Loading portable storage containers on and off a truck is easy with its no-tilt process. And your customers’ items stay intact.
Deliver Your Portable Storage with a No Ramp Trailer

4. Deliver portable storage with a No Ramp™ trailer

A No Ramp™ trailer allows for equipment to be loaded and unloaded with or without being attached to a tow vehicle. It provides safe, quick, multi-unit loading. Avoid damage to your equipment due to low approach angle while loading and unloading.
Deliver Your Portable Storage with a Cardinal Mule

5. Delivery with a Cardinal Mule

A Cardinal Mule is a simple, forklift-like piece of equipment that functions with a wireless remote control. This system allows quick and easy transportation. You do not need a forklift or extra heavy-duty machinery. When using a Mule, the storage unit will be safe and upright during the entire delivery process, including the loading and unloading. Plus, the Mule delivery system is a viable option for operators who offer a variety of containers. 
You can’t overestimate the value of a versatile delivery system for portable storage. Your portable storage business has options. Choose between a rollback, semi-trailer, Hawk Lift, No Ramp™, or Mule. Depending upon your type of operation, the space at your facility, and your budget, you may choose to rent or own your equipment. More and more portable storage operators are offering a variety of container types and sizes. Choose the delivery system that works best for you operation.

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Cardinal Mule Delivery System

Ever wonder how the Cardinal Mule delivery system works? Here’s how!

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