Best Blogs in Self-Storage + Tips on Posting Your Own

Blogs are concise articles with bullet points, links to additional resources, videos, graphics, and photos. What a great resource for your customers!
Self-storage blogs are gaining popularity for good reason. If you have a self-storage facility, you’d probably like to know the most efficient way to market it. There are so many options for making your business visible to potential customers. You can market your facility on the outside with great signage and curb appeal. You can push your brand to consumers with advertisements and events. And, of course, there is online marketing where you can reach potential customers through email campaigns, social media, and your website. The best blogs in self-storage are useful resources to our industry.

Here are some surprising blogging statistics:

Adding a blog to your website can increase traffic by as much as 434%.

Approximately 7.5 million blog posts are created every day.

– 77% of internet users read blogs.

– Seven-minute reads attract the most attention.


Did you know that one of the least expensive ways to market your self-storage facility is by telling your story through blogs? Be sure you’re using this simple marketing tool.

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Blogs are concise articles that usually focus on one topic using bullet points, links to additional resources, videos, graphics, and photos. In fact, they’re becoming so popular that they are sometimes the most read pages on your website. People tend to enjoy reading about a company or product rather than getting an advertisement about it. Therefore, businesses are getting keen on how to promote their brand within their articles and posts. Many blogs will have content that will be referred for years to come, and some posts will be updated to stay relevant. Blog posts can be also be repackaged into social media posts. Be sure you have a keyword strategy to hit your target audience. Self-storage blogs can be used as valuable resources within the industry. And we have found that the best blogs in our industry are clean, concise, and updated often.

There are a lot of tricks for increasing traffic to your blogs. Make yours the best blog it can be! For example:

– Longer titles work well. Using 6-10 words in your blog post’s title attracts more readers.
– Using a hyphen or colon in your title helps draw attention.
– Updating content on a regular basis is a great way to boost your website’s SEO.
– Using list, headers, and bullet points will help your readers follow the topic clearly.
– Adding photos and videos to your post increases visitors.
– Reusing and repackaging your blog posts onto social media will give your greater returns on your efforts.
– Posting with relevant keywords and key phrases will draw attention to those in your market.
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When writing a blog, it’s important to get to know what information your potential customers are searching for. Once you know which keywords and key phrases they are searching, you can start blogging about those topics. With a solid keyword strategy, you can look up the analytic data to see which key words and phrases potential customers are typing in to find a business in your industry. You can even pinpoint which words or phrases brought a visitor to your website. These may include the following in the self-storage industry: moveable storage, drive-up storage, containers, used storage containers, portable storage containers, moving storage containers, moving containers, steel containers, container storage sales, container cost, or containers on sale. 
Once you know these words and phrases, you can plug them into your blog post and title for optimal SEO.  It’s also important to know your market. For example, if your facility is in an area near water, you may have a lot of people searching “Where can I store my boat?” “What size storage unit do I need for a surfboard?” or “Local storage units for kayaks or canoes.” If you are near apartment buildings, inquiries may include, “Short-term storage lease” or “Drive-up self-storage.”  You can also set up Google alerts with key words and phrases so that you get notified when Google spots a post using them. From there, you can choose your blog topics to be in line with those searches. 

We looked around and found no shortage of resourceful blogs in self-storage. Here is a list of our some of our favorites:

Remember, when writing your blogs, be sure to post on your website anywhere from 1-4 times a month so your blog page will stay fresh with different topics for a variety of people. If your website’s blog pops up during a keyword search, you’re golden. Once you become a resource for your customers and potential customers, you’ll stay on their minds – and even in their bookmarks for future posts. Blog posts are more and more popular today because they’re informative and fun to read. These entertaining and useful posts may be what your business needs to boost sales.

We hope you enjoy our Boxwell Blogs!

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