4 Features to Look for in Your Movable Storage Solutions

  • by boxwell/August 4, 2022
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When you need a portable, movable storage solution for your belongings, you want one that can accommodate your unique situation. Whether you’re relocating your home or have excess inventory or supplies at the office, Boxwell’s portable, movable storage solutions have the features you need. Read on to learn about the essential qualities you, as a customer, should look for in a portable storage solution.
Boxwell - Movable Storage - Portable

A great product isn’t just a collection of features.  It’s how they work together. It’s how they make you feel.

Tim Cook during a September 2014 Apple event

1. Movable

One essential aspect of portable storage is its portability. You want easy loading and unloading. These movable storage containers were created with transport in mind and are primed for truck bed loading. You pack and then let your portable storage facility move your containers where you need them to be.
Boxwell - Movable Storage Delivered

2. Weatherproof

You need your belongings to be safe and secure. Clothing, equipment, inventory, supplies, and furniture need to be protected from outside factors. Be sure your movable storage is dust, rodent, and bug proof with vents and anti-condensation coating on the inside of the roof.
Boxwell - Movable Storage Corrugated Roof
Boxwell’s corrugated roof for water runoff

3. Durable

You’ll want your movable storage made of the highest grade steel available. Some containers have galvanized steel for a rust-free, maintenance free quality. Your container should be able to withstand the elements over time.
Boxwell - Movable Storage - Galvanized
Boxwell’s galvanized steel construction

4. Strong

Last but not least, movable storage containers need to be able to withstand heavy loads on both the roof and base. You can be confident that Boxwell’s containers can endure heavy loads for long periods of time. When your storage containers are strong, they can do what they need to do! There will be no breaking down or damaged contents.
We have worked hard to make our portable storage containers the perfect solution for your family or business. To learn more about Boxwell and our moveable storage solutions, call  (303) 317-5850 or contact us online today!

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