Creating (and Keeping) a Good Vibe in the Workplace

How do you create and maintain a good vibe in the workplace? A positive company atmosphere starts at the top and trickles to every employee.
Last week, we held an event for the leaders of the Portable Storage industry. While we networked with our clients, several of them asked about the Boxwell Team. What’s the key to finding the perfect mix of employees? How did we create a company with such a good vibe? And how do we work at keeping our good vibe in the workplace? 

Since then, the notion of a good vibe has followed me everywhere. On the chairlift last weekend at Eldora, I overheard two 20-somethings discussing how the vibe in Boulder differs from that out east. And in the grocery store, the women at the checkout mentioned that the store had a good vibe that day. And practically everything I read or listen to these days includes the slang phrase, good vibes. It’s a thing. But what exactly is a good vibe?  
In the business world, a company’s vibe is the feeling its employees exude from the inside out. It’s something that is usually not easy to pinpoint. Rather it’s an indescribable energy. It’s a positive feeling. An atmosphere. It’s the opposite of a negative downer. I certainly noticed it right away at Boxwell, for example. It’s a joy and respect the team has for each other. It’s also enthusiasm for being a part of something special.
So, how do you achieve a good vibe within your company? If that were easy to answer, we’d all have balanced workplaces with happy employees and profitable bottom lines. But there are some tricks to creating and maintaining a good vibe in the workplace. A positive company atmosphere starts at the top and trickles to every employee. If the team is not happy, the vibe will reveal it. The qualities of a good vibe include knowledge, empowerment, appreciation, and joy. But negative vibes will induce feelings of doubt, insecurity, and fear. Remember that once you have a good vibe in the workplace, you have to work at keeping it.

When asked to explain the Boxwell vibe, here’s what one of our customers had to say:

“Not sure how Boxwell management has assembled such an awesome, kind, intelligent and assertive group of employees that is impressive and very helpful to us as customers.”

Kelly Hodges, DHI Storage

Here are some ideas for creating a good vibe in the workplace:

1. Hire Employees with Good Personalities

Seems obvious, right? But it’s common to hire someone whose resume is the only thing that fits the job. Be sure to look at the full picture. Potential employees who look good on paper may not be the best fit for your desired culture. Focus on hiring people who are optimistic and confident. This positive energy along with a desired skillset is optimal.

It’s also key to seek out a team with a variety of ages, genders, ethnicities, and talents. It’s amazing what we can all learn from each other. Hire based upon personality and skillsets. And be sure you choose employees who are in line with your company’s mission.

Did you know that Boxwell has a female majority? The storage industry was once dominated by male employees. But women are becoming a prevalent force and increasing their numbers in construction, for example. And Boxwell hires the best fit for the team. In our interview process, for example, we all meet with the candidate during the hustle and bustle of our office. We can get a good feel for someone’s energy and vibe when they’re thrown into the chaos. Personality is where we put our focus.

2. Prioritize Employee Engagement

Employee engagement. What exactly is that? Kevin Kruse in Forbes defines it as, “the emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals.” He goes on to say, “Employees actually care about their work and their company. They don’t work just for a paycheck, or just for the next promotion, but work on behalf of the organization’s goals.” (Forbes)

One way to achieve this engagement is to strengthen bonds in and out of the office. Volunteer in the community, participate in sports, take hikes, etc. as a team. When your employees are happy and satisfied at their job and their lives outside of work, they’re more likely to stay. Also, if employees feel valued and appreciated, they will engage in their work more! It’s truly a win-win situation that create a good vibe in the workplace.

In a recent Boxwell blog post, we discuss cultivating a happy workplace: BEING A WELL-ROUNDED COMPANY: WHY IT’S A GOOD IDEA

3. Give Feedback Regularly

Share your teams’ accomplishments during meetings. Have regular check-ins and performance reviews with your team. Consider providing the option for anonymous feedback. This creates a safe space to tackle difficult topics. It also helps build trust, support, and authentic connections. Be honest and fully transparent with your team, and expect the same from them.

“If you look at teams you’ve led or been a part of, you will probably agree that the best groups — those that work together to achieve outstanding results — have positive energy binding them together.”

Seye Oloruntoba, Forbes
In order to find the right mix of employees, be sure to start out by hiring candidates based upon their talents AND their personalities. Prioritize employee engagement through activities together outside of the office. And keep everyone happy with regular check-ins and praise for a job well done. The more I think about it, the more I see how creating a good vibe the workplace is a lot like a putting together a word puzzle. Don’t even get me started on how much I love playing Wordle. Hiring can feel like a guessing game, but you just need to weed out the wrong choices to find the right fit. And hopefully you’re on your way to creating (and keeping) a good vibe in the workplace.

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