The Most Popular Self-Storage Features To Look For In 2022

In the self-storage industry, there are many options. The trick is to know the most sought-after features for your facility.

A great product isn’t just a collection of features. It’s how they work together. It’s how they make you feel.

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In the self-storage industry, there are many options for consumers to choose from. This is great, because people like options. And not all consumers are looking for the same things. The trick is to know the most popular and sought-after features for your facility. Demographics play a big role in determining just what’s important to your client base. Are you near a college or destination resort? Do you have a lot of first-time home buyers or retirees in your area? Are there a lot of large businesses locally? In all of these instances, there is a need for storage. And having just the right features at your facility is key. So what are the most popular features in self-storage? The location of the facility itself is a huge deciding factor. Next, a customer will look at unit sizes, security, cleanliness, management, and overall convenience.
Every self-storage facility is different, which is a beautiful thing. And each customer comes in with their unique wants and needs. It’s key to know what your clients are looking for. Often times, you can offer tiered pricing to highlight certain, sought-after features that people will pay a premium to rent. For example, did you know that some customers will pay top dollar for a self-storage unit based upon its location, security or condition? Take good inventory of what types of units and self-storage features you have. Then offer your clients these options within a tiered pricing structure. The more popular features will be the most expensive. You get the idea.
So, what are the most sought-after features in self-storage in 2022? To meet the current demand for storage, you need to offer a variety sizes. The layout of your facility is also important. Think: convenient. Storage units that are close to the entrance are well-sought after. People like the convenience of the easy-to-reach location. They may like to be close to the office as well. For facilities that have multiple levels, consider how accessible units are from the stairs or elevators. Next, it’s a key feature when units are well-lit at night. Seems simple, but it’s a must for some customers. Storage facilities need to feel safe and secure, and lighting certainly helps. Speaking of security, a very popular feature is having cameras and entry systems in place. People will pay a premium for smart locking and entry systems. Lastly, your self-storage facility can tout how well it is maintained. Be sure you know how to boost your curb appeal for those customers looking for a clean, fresh place to store their belongings.Highlighting your best storage features with tiered pricing is a win-win for you and your customers.
Once you’ve determined the most popular self-storage features in your area, be sure to choose a manufacturer who can help!

At Boxwell, we work hard to give our clients all the tools they need to succeed. This extends far beyond designing durable, versatile, and convenient storage solutions. With our years of industry experience, we have had plenty of time to develop and hone our offerings. As a result, you can more easily accomplish your business goals. In addition to the physical features of our portable storage containers and relocatable self-storage units, Boxwell offers the benefits below:
1. SITE LAYOUT ASSISTANCE — There is an optimal way to arrange your storage units. In order to help you out, our creative staff can create a layout for your relocatable storage units. Let us design the layout, so you can work on running your facility!
2. GRAPHIC DESIGN SERVICES — Want an extra layer of professionalism and polish to your site? Our marketing team can customize branding that matches your company. As a result, your new relocatables will fit seamlessly into your site.
3. FAST INSTALLATION — Our portable storage solutions are easy and quick to install – taking as little as 20 minutes. And, it’s even easier when we handle it for you! Our installation staff will have you set up in no time. After that, it’s time to start generating revenue.
4. VIRTUAL TOURS AND UNIT DEMOS — Both you and your customers appreciate the opportunity to get a feel for products before you purchase and use them. We offer virtual tours and unit demo services. As a result, you are familiar with our storage solutions in a flash.
5. FINANCE AND INSURANCE PARTNERS — We are proud to partner with trusted financing and insurance partners. They can help you fit our relocatable storage solutions into your budget, for example. Plus, they can help protect your investments at the same time.
6. DELIVERY SYSTEMS — Our portable and relocatable storage solutions are delivered in a few short months. Throughout the purchase and delivery process, Boxwell representatives help you figure out the logistics of delivery and relocation. See our article in NPSA’s Dispatch.
7. PRODUCT WARRANTIES — We confidently stand behind our products. As a result, we provide comprehensive warranties.
8. ADA COMPLIANT DOORS — Because portable and self-storage units should be safe for everyone, our storage solutions are designed with ADA compliance in mind. With just a few modifications, each unit can adhere to the regulations.
9. SMART LOCKING AND ENTRY CAPABILITY — Last but not least, we’ve designed our storage solutions to be smart locking and entry capable. Locking and access can be safely and securely managed — even remotely!

Since 2015, Boxwell has been designing, manufacturing, and distributing customizable storage solutions for businesses around the world. Headquartered in Boulder, Colo., Boxwell’s mission is to build the future of storage, today. We aim to achieve this by persistently looking for ways to develop more durable storage, installed in a fraction of the time compared to other options. Therefore, we’re continually exploring new technologies, services, and features to support our clients and elevate the industry standard. We know you’ll appreciate our hidden features and benefits.

Our products include drive-up self-storage unitsrelocatable self-storage units, portable storage containersresidential storage containersmoving containers, and restoration containers. Intended to help you increase your business’ revenue-generating space, our portable containers and relocatable self-storage units are flexible, stackable, and beautiful! Boxwell is here to ensure that our products help you achieve your business goals.

Work with a Boxwell representative to decide on an ideal, moveable storage unit mix, custom colors, door configurations and more. Once you place an order, we deliver and install your Boxwell relocatable self-storage units. You’ll be ready to rent them in no time! For any questions about the above services and perks or to learn more about Boxwell and our moving and storage containers and services, check out or call (303) 416-6280 today!

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