Focus on What You Can Control, Not What’s Unpredictable

By focusing on what we can control, we can rise above unpredictability. Give more attention to the things that matter. Change the way we conduct business. Learn how to communicate with each other on a new level.

It’s more important than ever to rise above unpredictability and focus on what we can control in business. We may never loop back to the ways things were. And that’s OK. Sure, people are leaving their jobs, schools are struggling to stay open, and we are canceling sporting events and concerts. Let’s not even talk about supply chain woes and freight prices. Unpredictability is the new normal. So we need to continue to be flexible. Think about what you can control in your business. And focus on that.
There have been quite a few teachable moments in the past few years. For example, we are giving more attention to the things that matter. We are changing the way we conduct business. And we are learning how to communicate with each other on a new level. Companies are realizing that there are many ways to operate. And sometimes, the new ways are better than the old ways. Remember, focus on what you can control to avoid falling into the unpredictability spiral. 

Focus on What You Can Control

The key is to stay open and flexible to change. In order to rise above unpredictability, simply focus on what you can control. There may be a feeling that things are going to be in a constant state of change. And it’s exhausting! So, how can we avoid “change fatigue”? One way is to focus on the changes that need to happen and tackle them one by one. First, stay committed to keeping your employees healthy and happy. Next, learn how to adjust your business as things evolve with innovation and technology. Finally, be ready to make decisions and communicate them.

Focus on Keeping Your Team Healthy and Happy

We’ve heard a lot of about employee burnout lately. And the Great Resignation. When it comes down to knowing what really matters, look around. Work life should not be all-encompassing. In fact, it’s only a piece of the puzzle. Plus, we are wired to seek meaning in what we do. Be sure your business model includes employee enrichment, such as team building opportunities outside of the office. Let your team connect in ways other than work. Rise above unpredictability in all aspects of you business.
In a recent Boxwell blog post, we discuss cultivating a happy workplace:
And, here we dig into the ever-changing landscape of business:

When you have passion and interest in your work, you’re more likely to find the necessary motivation. It’s not so much about the amount of work done. Rather it’s key to be intentional about your work.

Put your Focus on New Technologies

We have learned to embrace automation over the past few years. Automation software is built to help you with your everyday business processes. For example, grocery stores, waste management, storage facilities, schools and restaurants have all adopted new methods of operating. By using some sort of automation software, life gets easier. Automating your systems can help lighten the load on employees who are trying to keep up with consumer demand. It can help keep track of billing, maintenance, and delivery. Companies have been using robots to avoid putting workers in close contact with one another. Plus, with new security and hands-free entry systems, we’re using software to streamline our safety. Sometimes it feels that everything is getting automated. But when the benefits outweigh the rest, it’s easy to see why. 
Noke ONE app
This is a recent blog co-authored by one of our partners, Stella Software:

Communicating with Each Other

We can get in touch with our employees and customers in an endless number of ways. More and more, we welcome technology for communication. Sure, it feels more complicated than talking face-to-face or on a phone call. But innovations such as Zoom meetings, virtual tradeshows, Facetime, and Slack make communication possible. This was especially helpful during the pandemic. We’ve learned how to be OK with the tech between us for meetings. If expectations are clear and two-way communication and feedback is available, remote communication scenarios can work. 

The importance of connecting with others is paramount. Be sure to listen to your employees. Listen to your customers. Stay transparent and honest. When you’re always honest and authentic, it simplifies everything. 

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