Be Ready for Anything with Innovative Storage Solutions

While the current mindset is a practice in uncertainty, there are some industries who have a real opportunity to help. The storage industry, for example, is necessary for preparedness. Think about it, all of the recent graduates are in a state of limbo and may not have their futures completely plotted. While they figure things out, they may need to temporarily move back in with their parents. This can be a blessing, unless there’s clearly no more room left in the empty nest! Many residents are going to be looking for a place to store all of their 20-something’s items. With a drive-up self-storage relocatable unit or a portable storage solution in your own driveway, you can take a fittingly small step toward normalcy. 

Businesses have also been in flux, and while everything is slowly opening back up, there is still an ongoing need for equipment storage to make room for the new pandemic spacing requirements in restaurants, offices, daycares, and schools. Self-storage and portable storage products are perfect for stashing away items while they are temporarily unnecessary. With more people working from home, there’s also an increased demand for temporary portable offices. Many of the businesses who need a storage solution during unforeseen events have never needed one before, so when dealing with variables during this pandemic, wouldn’t it be great to have something that’s easy and convenient?  Yes. It is key to promote the flexibility and ease of relocatable self-storage and portable storage products.

It seems absurd to even mention the weather, but hurricane season is upon us. September is historically the most active and intense month. Here exists a definite need for emergency storage that no one ever wants to prepare for. Our industry, however, can be that reminder for businesses to stock up on 100% weather-resistant storage units for an ideal solution during restoration and remediation efforts. When a home is damaged by water, fire or mold, out-of-home storage is integral to the process of home restoration. These products provide a safe, secure and weatherproof structure where belongings can be assessed, organized or simply stowed, allowing restoration professionals to do their job efficiently.

One solution for dealing with today’s uncertainty may be as simple as storage! Boxwell offers storage solutions for these changing and uncertain times.  People need a secure, weather-proof place to put their things! Whether it’s a drive up, relocatable self-storage unit, or a portable storage container brought directly to consumer, Boxwell meets their customers’ needs. Here are some of the ways:

  • Contact-free moving and storing college students’ belongings 
  • Extra storage of cleaning supplies and equipment 
  • Make-shift medical facilities or testing stations
  • Extra classroom space for schools adapting to restrictions
  • Portable offices for working from home
  • Restoration and remediation storage during hurricane season

“We have seen an increased need for relocatable/portable units recently as business owners find more creative ways to diversify and create more storage offerings for their customers.” – Lisa Maloney, Boxwell

Boxwell portable storage solutions and relocatable self-storage units are flexible, stackable, and because they arrive disassembled, fit perfectly in most smaller spaces.  If you have any unused space at your facility, now is a great time to fill it with storage units and instantly increase your revenue.

Here’s what a Boxwell customers in Florida has to say:

“Boxwell’s staff has, and continues to be, an absolute joy to work and collaborate with as we build our new business. Their well-constructed product, combined with their willingness to share industry knowledge to aid their customers, has been an immense help and has created an extremely loyal customer in Cool-Binz.”  – Kathryn Padalino, Cool-Binz in Naples, FL

What we can all learn from this pandemic is that it is ever-so-important to be adaptable and creative in business and otherwise.  Be ready for anything, and you’ll be pleased when life is normal again.

Boxwell is the leading provider of portable containers and relocatable self-storage units for businesses within the storage industry. Each storage solution is fully customizable, expertly crafted with cutting edge materials and has the fastest assembly available. Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, Boxwell’s innovative storage solutions provide ease of use and additional revenue for enterprises around the world. Check out or call (303) 317-5850 for more information.

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