How Quality, Durable Steel Really Makes a Difference

In any storage solution, the construction and quality of material is paramount. At Boxwell, we take care to use only the highest-grade materials and processes in the construction of our products. We know that our buyers need reliable, steadfast containers that will last for many years in a variety of harsh conditions. Our premium grade machined steel plays a key role in the durability and aesthetic superiority of our units, and in this article we’d like to explain a bit about how we process and build our containers so you can better understand the product you’ll be able to purchase from Boxwell.

Galvanization and Rust Resistance

Steel is highly durable and resistant to impact and abrasion, but one of its crucial weaknesses is its vulnerability to oxidization and rust. The steel that makes up our containers is put through a galvanizing process, which coats it in a protective layer of zinc. This prevents the oxidization process and ensures the surfaces of our containers won’t fade or rust from exposure to air, water, and other oxidizing chemicals. With a diligent cleaning regimen, our galvanized steel will remain pristine and untarnished for many years — ensuring great optics for your brand!

Structural Rigidity Provides Utility and Reliability

It isn’t news to anyone that steel is an exceptionally strong alloy when it comes to torsion and compression. Standard Boxwell containers are sturdy enough that you can stack them up to three containers high when fully loaded without risk of damage! This unbeatable sturdiness is supported by the extremely consistent nature of machined steel: Since it is a manufactured alloy, every inch of any wall of any container is exactly as strong as any other. No need to worry about weak spots or surprise stress points causing surprise damage down the line!

The benefits of steel have been well expounded upon in the industrial world, and we are proud to use only the highest-grade manufactured materials to build our containers. When you work with Boxwell, you are guaranteeing yourself a high-quality container provider for life!

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