Remediation Containers for Restoring Warehouses & Offices

If you run or own a portable storage container business, you already know that they are incredibly useful for a wide variety of purposes. One market you may not have considered already is the market for business remediation and restoration solutions. When a business’ warehouse or office has recently been damaged by water, mold, or fire, they will likely go through the process of restoration or remediation.

The logistics of this process can be incredibly difficult to manage. Besides having to dispose of damaged property and inventory, these businesses will also need a place to store their undamaged products and collateral so that they aren’t exposed to contamination or the elements. Read on to discover some key reasons why Boxwell’s customers rent our portable restoration and remediation containers.

Clear the way for the restoration professionals

As a business’ property is repaired, it’ll need to store and safeguard its inventory and office equipment. Renting portable containers allows them to safely store these items outside their buildings while keeping them close by. This leaves the way clear for restoration crews as they work on their property.

Organize salvaged items

Figuring out what inventory and office equipment can be salvaged can be difficult without the additional storage space provided by our custom containers. With a Boxwell restoration and remediation container, businesses can organize and sort these items without the risk of soiling or contaminating the rest of their property.

Protect undamaged office equipment and inventory

Last but not least, renting a restoration and remediation container allows businesses to protect their undamaged items during the restoration. Our containers are created with galvanized steel and a weather-resistant design that ensures that their office equipment and inventory are fully protected from the elements and other factors.

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