Updating Your Storage Facility in Four Simple Steps

  • by boxwell/August 25, 2022
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Is your self-storage facility aging? It happens to the best of us. Self-storage facilities often look great when they’re brand new, but what happens as they age? Be sure you have a game plan for updating your storage facility. It’s simple to keep your facility up-to-date, safe, clean, and convenient. 
There are over 50,000 self-storage facilities in the United States to choose from. And this number continues to increase. So, updating your storage facility to stay competitive within the market. It will help you attract new renters, maintain tenants, and allow you to charge premium rates.

Here are some simple ideas for updating your storage facility to help set your business apart:

One of the first things to assess when you’re updating your storage facility is the condition of your doors. You may need to touch up the paint on doors that still operate. Or you may want to replace older doors that no longer function. Consider upgrading to roll-up doors if you don’t already have them. These can protect the contents of your storage units in harsh weather. Old, rusty doors can project a bad image for your facility. On top of that, they may even pose a safety risk. Opting for a fresh aesthetic upgrade, such as color-matched rollup doors, is an easy way to give your facility a fresh look. It’s also easy to update your doors with entry systems that work with mobile devices for better security and functionality.
Self-storage is a competitive industry. To keep up with technology, owners are updating storage facilities with new wireless entry and locking systems. With these systems, you can keep gates secure and give easy (and hands-free) access to customers. To gain and keep tenants, it’s important to provide them with peace of mind that their property will be safe. Cameras, gates, and keypads make customers feel safe and will enhance the value of your self-storage facility. Take security to the next level by adding live video streaming cameras so that you can watch over your business from anywhere. These improvements will add to the appeal of your facility. 
The exterior is another area to consider when updating your storage facility. If you have room for landscaping, keep bushes, trees and lawn trimmed. Be sure to check for un-groomed landscaping, chipped paint, and rusted fencing. Do unit walls have any dings or defects? Add a fresh coat of paint and replace old metal siding to show potential renters that you care about your facility and their belongings. Don’t forget to repaint the stripes in your parking lot. Believe it or not, this is one of the first things potential renters see. These small renovations will improve the appearance of your facility and amplify curb appeal.
Updating your storage facility includes updating your offerings. Your tenants are busy packing their belongings to store in your facility. Turn your office into a one-stop-shop with essentials for move day. Packing and moving is not easy. Wouldn’t it be nice to offer some essentials in your office to simplify the process? For example, have miscellaneous items available for them to grab at the counter. You can offer boxes, packing materials, tape, snacks, drinks, and sunscreen. In addition, keep your office clean and warm with a pot of coffee and free Wi-Fi available. Renters will appreciate the convenience. And your business will profit with this easy revenue stream.
Updating your storage facility is a worthwhile investment. Plus, maintaining your facility can help attract new customers and keep your current customers happy. In many cases, making these small updates will improve curb appeal for a better overall first impression of your business. Care for your investment and extend the life of your storage containers. And with a little boost in the look and feel of your facility, you can increase your revenue!

Boxwell provides customers with the highest-quality movable storage units on the market.  We also offer warranties on the units, paint, and decals. Despite that, you can still take some measures to maintain your movable storage units. With proper care and attention, you can keep your containers looking brand-new for years and years to come.

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